My two favorite bathroom faucets: Mississippi line

These are my two favorite lavatory faucets for 1950s bathroom remodeles or renovations. The shape of the faucet escutcheons (the bases of the handles, yes that’s what they are called) are the most reminiscent of the wrecked faucets I pulled out of my original 1951 bathrooms. They are not inexpensive, each $250+ or more on sale, but I found the quality to be excellent.

Where to buy –>Mississippi Faucets  are available from a number of retailers via this Amazon link (in blue). Disclosure: I get a little spiff anytime you buy from Amazon via one of my links.

A note on the 8″ “Mississippi” lav (the second featured). It  larger in scale than many 50s lav faucets — although I am pleased that it has a clear antecedent in the lavatory in the 1956 photos below:

Do note, though, that if you are purchasing a sink to go with the Mississippi – ensure you have adequate “deck” space on the sink. The Kohler cast iron self-rimming sinks recommended look great with this sink – again, just check the deck space.

Regarding the 4″ “Deco” two-hole-mixer faucet shown, I have never seen anything anywhere else to match this one. It was not available when I renovated my bathrooms, and instead, I had the original faucet rechromed for $115. It leaks to this day and is a real pain. I wish this had been available then, and may end up with it yet. Ugh to the brass, though. Go for chrome, for sure, or nickel if you must.


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  1. Lisa Jones-Raymond says

    Hi,I’ve got a faucet set like the one above – have searched the web for a long time and never able to find ——- my sink came out of the Notre Dame School for Girls in the mid 50’s when they were remodeling. It will leak – you have to use stuff called ‘packing’ – and there are no threads on the faucet so you can’t hook up a carpet steam cleaner or other appliance. I always thought the escutcheons were called “Bell” and I think for some reason my handles aren’t 4 sided, just one. I still use the sink but the faucets are in storage.Thanks for sharing this great pix.

  2. says

    Question-I was just looking at Mac the Antique Plumber and loved that faucet for our new bathroom. I have a problem figuring out what all of the colors offered look like. What is the difference between brushed nickel/chrome etc? Any help would be great! Thanks!

  3. Danielle Hanley says

    Friends of ours had the coolest faucet in the bathroom of their house. The faucet handles were an “H” and “C”. If I had realized then just how awesome it was I would have asked them if I could changed it out before they moved. I’m thinking maybe it was from the 50’s.

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