Wallpapers with 50s style

In looking for wallpapers for my new/old aqua kitchen, I scoured about 300 books. So far I’ve found two – one book from Sanderson, the other the Stroheim & Romann “Petites” collection, which really seem to evoke the era. Both are full of flat-finish papers, which need to be pasted onto the wall. Both are on the expensive side. The Sanderson patterns shown (first) is Romilly/WR8242/4 aqua. I’ll use this on the walls of the kitchen, and use the complementary Marcasite WR8335/8 (not shown) on the soffit above my cabinets. The other two patterns are from the S&R collection. In both books, there are quite a few colorways, including some nice corals, which like aquas also seem hard to find.

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  1. Rebecca Prichard says

    First comment 7 years later! I am trying to get samples of Sanderson. Its not so easy. Wallpaper is sadly so forgotten!

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