Victorian-style cast iron shower pan

I would have loved to use this cast iron shower base for my 50s bathroom renovations a few years ago. In two of my bathrooms I was forced to use Swanstone (fiberglass style) bases because I simply could not find any other materials. I’ve seen numerous vintage 50s bathrooms with these square style tubs/showers. The porcelain on cast iron finish is GREATLY preferable. If you use this, though, do not use the Victorian feet. I’d set the base onto a tile base/surround/alcove with the tile base built out along one side created for a glass shower door. Use 4″ x 4″ field (wall) tile for a 1950s look. This pan is made by Strom Plumbing – here’s their complete catalog.


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  1. sharon says

    Hi, you posted a comment about a claw foot shower pan needing to be encased in something. why not just let it free stand so you can see the legs and there is no carpentry or masonry added expense?

    Thank you so much for the link to strom.


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