Your most important mid century accessory: Monstera deliciosa

Today’s post is about a most important retro room accessory: a Monstera Deliciosa plant!

You can see it in the foreground of this image – to the left of the fireplace. When we first moved into our 1951 ranch, we bought one right away, for our large living room.

We named it PAVA, for Plant And Vine Agent. My husband takes care of it religiously and it’s thrived. Just recently he made an awesome moss pole for it. PAVA really makes a huge difference in our interior in terms of giving it an authentic retro feel! Mind you, these do get big, so plan for the space.


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    • pam kueber says

      Yup, Rebecca. That’s it. We have one in our house. We named it Pava. For: Plant And Vine Agent. Don’t ask me how we come up with this stuff. Have you started scouring all the antiques places in the county? When I lived next door in Saline, I remember going to some great places in Tecumseh all the time. And the Ann Arbor Antiques Show — several times yearly at the Saline Fair Grounds was pricey – but FABULOUS.

  1. says

    My mom has had one all my life in the living room. Used to be a real one and now at age 86 she has a fake one. I was often asked to wipe off the leave of the “split leaf philodendron”. Even put some kind of plant polish on it for that shine. Absolutely a must!

  2. Jason says

    I took a cutting from my mother’s monsterosa this past Summer, and it has now rooted quite nicely. It really *does* impart that “authentic” feel to a mid-century themed room.

  3. MbS says

    Sometimes called the Swiss Cheese plant! Is is sometimes classes as an epiphyte plant, which explains in part the excellent endurance and climbing abilities.

  4. June Cahill says

    Well, well, well….you never know what you’ll find researching “Pam’s archives!” – anyhow, my husband (from Rio de Janeiro) calls this an ‘Adam’s Rib’ plant…love them – and was looking for just the right accent plant (other than the ‘Mother-in-law tongue’) for our home! Thanks Pam!:)

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