Retro kitchen flashback design: Sunny coral, green & yellow 50s kitchen

Isn’t this a happy Dream Kitchen? Here are 9 tips for this Tuesday’s Flashback:

1. The quarter-round cubby at the end of the base cabinets is actually set back from the base. That is, base is 24-25” deep, cubby is somewhat less. You can see this is the upper cubby directly above – and also in the wall cubby about and to the right of the sink (6.) The soffits follow the angle of the cubbies, too. Looks good to me.

2. The color scheme of this kitchen — starting with the coral walls and extending to the sunny yellow countertops, fresh green floors and valances that pull them all together — is not one you’d typically see today. But how can you argue with it? Note how really pretty the green is. You can still get these colors today – see my postings on flooring, and on paint colors. However, I am going to have to research the countertops….

3. Picture window flanked by casements, these with two horizontal bars. This looks like a steel window. You can still find ‘em, but you can find wood, too.

4. I don’t think that setting the sink/dishwasher unit off center of the window is a smart idea.

5. To the right of the stove/dw is butcher block, above the drawers. Then, formica again. This mix and match of materials was very common, and it looks great, I did it in my kitchen for the effect (although not the function.)

6. You must make way for these quarter-round cubbies to the right and left of the main window above the sink. Symmetry is much preferred, though.

7. Very cool light fixture. I’ve seen similar cones that drop completely down for sale today, but know of no one making them recessed like this, doggonit.

8. Very nice incorporation of a banquette, yellow color repeated. Another picture window, they took the banquette right up to it.

9. Looks like a built-in planter creates definition leading into the kitchen. Nice.


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