Recreate yesterday’s 50s style kitchen

Today: Modern day products to recreate yesterday’s flashback kitchen. My finds include:

  • Formica microdot laminate in yellow.
  • Wilsonart brushed yellow laminate.
  • Sherwin-Williams Pink Flamingo Paint from the Suburban Modern palette.
  • Armstrong’s Marmorette (true linoleum) sheet flooring in Green Parrot.

Pretty cool! If this kitchen wouldn’t make you happy – nothing would!

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  1. says

    can’t find flooring of retro multi colored patterns in sheets, ot aqt least pink and tourquoise. Van you sugget? I will have metro shelfs to display my 50’s kitchen collectables

  2. 50sPam says

    Connie – Go to the tile/flooring store, and look at the Commercial Flooring books from Armstrong, Manning and Congoleum — all the major makers. You can also look online, but sometimes there are even more samples at the store. There are some ‘confetti’ like patterns available including in multi-color pastels, as I recall, but nothing more exciting (like boomerangs) than that. I’ll look in some of my materials over the weekend and even see if I have anything I can post to give you retro ideas, but honestly, I think that Commercial sheet will hold the solution for you – if there is one.

    If you can handle linoleum in a single (rather than multicolor) shade, that certainly is available in sheet as well – from either Marmoleum, or Armstrong.

  3. karen says

    Has anyone found sheet vinyl in colors like Marmoleum? I need to ‘float’ the flooring rather than glue. The Parkett floors are all slate or wood look. (The process is phtographic, I wish they would photograph marmoleum and print it in color onto the sheet vinyl!)

    • pam kueber says

      Karen – look at the COMMERCIAL sections of the companies that sell vinyl flooring. Also, could you do rubber? For sure they have designs that look just like linoleum – and the finish is fantastic. Not sure how it’s installed, though.

      See my Fast & Easy Flooring page (where I don’t have a lot of sheet products identified, admittedly):

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