Retro bathroom sinks, toilets — and a new choice for a current day faucet — from American Standard


The bathroom fixtures above are from 1955 — deep in the heart of the postwar boom. From Homart — a Sears brand.

I have more images from this brochure – stay tuned – but I love this page in particular as it gives a great look at sink and toilet styles that were very typical. Please click on the main photo to see the correct scale and lines of the fixtures.

Scrutinizing this material also enabled me to make my third (whoopee!) recommendation for a bathroom sink faucet. The American Standard Colony single control is not too far off from the vintage design of the two sinks on the right. (The faucets on two sinks to the left look identical to one of my earlier recommendations.)

If you like the sinks with chrome legs, be sure to see my sink posts. And that countertop sink to the far left can still be had from Kohler, their Tahoe model, including with steel trim, if you like. Finally — ignore that orange and bright yellow tile in this advertising material. These colors are only shown for contrast, I think. Yellows were used in the 50s, but nothing this neon took hold, as far as I’m aware.


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  1. Deana says

    My sink fixture for my 1957 jade green bathroom is an obvious 1970’s replacement. I’ve been wanting to replace it but wasn’t sure what would be more authentic and now I know!

    Thanks – love the site!


    • Pam Kueber says

      casimiro, we don’t sell here – just show yo where to go. try,, your restore/habitat for humanity, other local salvage places, and craigslist. i bet you can find this.

  2. Helen says

    I am looking for a yellow american standard sink to match my early 60’s american standard yellow tub and toilet. any suggestions would be appreciated.

    thank you,
    Cincinnati, OH

    • pam kueber says

      We have a round-up story of 4″ faucets coming up! Meanwhile, check our category Bathrooms / Sinks & Faucets — or use the Search box

  3. Conor Buescher says

    Hi Pam,

    My wife and I are interested in replacing our laundry room and guest bathroom faucets. Our house was built in 1968 and the current faucets feature a 4″ center with a single control *and* a built in sprayer.

    Unfortunately the sprayers no longer work – any thoughts on make/model of these faucets or what might offer similar functionality?



  4. Kaye says

    I just bought a Homart (option c in the ad above in white) on kijiji. It is beautiful and can’t wait to install it!

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