Retro kitchen exhaust fan – mint in box, from Nutone: today’s ebay pick


nutone-1.JPGThis is a wonderful find – great if you are retro renovating your kitchen or even your bathroom. Note that the listing says it plugs into an outlet. I am sure an electrician could hardwire it.

Vintage Nutone is so terrific, and this brushed aluminum piece is so shiny with great black graphics and a design that looks like the grill of a car. Perfect. Someone better buy it!


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  1. Pierce Phillips says

    You folks sound like you would LOVE the color scans I uploaded to Flickr of NuTone’s 1966, 1967, and 1972 catalogs (just the parts showing these fans): link no longer live

    • pam kueber says

      Rigby, I have heard people may have luck with a company R&I Distribution (or something like that). Good luck, Pam

  2. Raymond says

    I am searching high and low for an exact grille replacement just like this one. Contacted NuTone company who stated that this is no longer available, even in plastic or whatever the material they use nowadays.
    As a kid, I grew up in a house where this was in our kitchen, mounted to the wall where the “backsplash” would have been. Every now and then, I had to remove and polish ours (shiny aluminum finish).
    There has to be another out there: I’ll gladly take a used one.

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