50s and 60s living room favorite: Chinese Emperors


1961-chinese-prince144.jpg1961-chinese-prince-2145.jpgIn vintage ads from 1957 and 1961, I picked up on these awesome Chinese Emperors as decorative art for living rooms. Aren’t the colors and graphics extraordinary? To be sure, Asian influences became very common around this time.

Palm Springs Stephan clues us into their history, and where to get them. Very cool.

Note, I swear I just saw this same style of art in a photo from Martha Stewart Living posted somewhere on the web, so we are not the only ones onto it again today.


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  1. Michele DeGroat says

    not sure if above URL will be openable but it shows an asian themed three panel screen my grandma painted in the 40’s. I inherited it and it is the cental focus in my living room which was assembled mostly with resale, estate sale, consignment and ebay furniture. I would call it a persian theme. she also painted replicas of some of the persian minatures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of her schooling at Cooper Union. I have many asian accents in my retro home as I find they remind me of the 50’s/60’s. Love this website as I actually “lived” the design period.

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