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bgbowls2.jpgI received a number of emails from readers on their everyday dinnerware. Here’s what Mitzi of Vintage Goodness is into:

Hi Pam, I wanted to throw my 2 cents into your discussion about dishes… I am a die hard Corelle fan. It is lightweight for easy washing (no dishwasher here, unless you count me!), it is almost impossible to break, there are tons of patterns and coordinating pieces (especially with Pyrex, my other favorite), and it is pretty easily thrifted. 😉

I actually started out with an all white set my mom gave me that was what she used when I was a kid, so it has sentimental value as well as being tough as nails. A couple years ago I scored a huge set of Butterfly Gold, which was what my grandma used, for $5 at a sale. I put the white dishes away and used the Butterfly Gold until I opened my eBay store – then a big chunk of it got sacrificed for the sake of inventory. So now I have a mix of my original white set and the Butterfly Gold set… see why eclectic is my favorite word? hehe

Anyway I can’t imagine using anything else, though I do hope to someday be able to switch patterns again! I’ve attached a pic from my store of some Butterfly Gold cereal bowls.

Talk to you soon!

Thanks, Mitzi! I love the graphics on this Corelle. No question, this stuff is indestructible!


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  1. says

    Oh, such warm memories…my grandparents had (well, Grandpa still has) Butterfly Gold. I love Corelle and it looks like Grandpa is actually giving us a set of our own (probably the new Muse pattern) for Christmas. I guess he wants to keep eating off the plates he’s had for so long. 😉

  2. says

    I have tons of vintage dinner plates but I have to say that I use these blank white corelles, the vintage plates spark in the micorwave and i am just too afraid that they will be broken!!!

  3. Sumac Sue says

    I got a set of Corelle in the mid-90s. The pattern is called Abundance, and it is an ivory color with a fruit decoration in pretty muted colors. There is a burgundy and a navy stripe around the edge. I just get a happy feeling when I use it, because it’s pretty, and because my parents gave me most of it as my Christmas present one year.

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