Wishbook memories circa 1955

I wasn’t going to do any holiday posts, until I saw Mitzi of Vintage Goodness‘ post about this great website, wishbookweb.com. Scans straight out of old Sears Wishbooks, and Spiegel, too. What memories – of days when shopping wasn’t such an everyday affair. The photo below is from Speigel 1955. Dig the slipcovers, matching draperies, artwork and table. Very chic.

Thanks, Mitzi!

(Note, I am not anti-Christmas or anti-holiday, au contraire! It’s just that the blog is new, I have so many renovation posts that I’m itching to do, and it seems so many other blogs are covering gifts and decoration quite well.)wishbookweb.jpg


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  1. says

    I am so glad you loved that link too! I couldn’t believe it, and spent way too much time looking at it all. Did you see the list of catalogs they still have to scan in? It is quite impressive, I hope they manage to add them sometime soon!

  2. says

    After seeing her post about that I have been looking at all the books, I clearly remmeber some of the 70’s ones, I am having so much fun with the 40’s and 50’s ones, I got some great magazines from the trash that are from Trading stamps and it has great stuff in it!

  3. Femme1 says

    Thanks, Mitzi, for leading me to the catalog site. I didn’t have much time to browse, but I just happened to click on page 126 of the 1966 JC Penny catalog by chance, and what did I find? On the bottom left is a mirrored curio shadowbox that I bought a few years back at a nearby junkstore. I’ve never put it up yet (it’s pretty kitschy) but I’ve been thinking of selling it on E-bay. Now I have some provenance for it!

    I’d stick a photo of it in here, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

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