The 1940s bedroom that was… a hat

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Goodness, the copywriter sure had fun with this one.

In reality, he (I’m pretty sure) was pointing out that in 1945, lovely bedroom carpets could be made in all your very favorite colors: “…Colors that make you look your loveliest. It stands to reason, if your husband says nice things when you wear that certain hat or dress, he’ll pay you twice as many compliments when every room in your home flatters you with your most becoming colors.”

The pressure is on, ladies.


Seriously, the rug is beautiful. In the immediate post-war period decoration was, in the majority, still very cheerful and sweet. The market for lovely floral carpets really has never ended, actually.

I think the room shown is absolutely gorgeous – timeless, classic. Note the day beds with long round bolsters at the bottom left… the three-panel mirror behind the matching dressers that reflects the opposite side of the room and expands the space…and the mix of colors, all pulled together via the rug, is masterfully done. I always think the true test of a well put-together room is that your eye kind of dances lightly around it, lingering on the shapes, finishes and fabrics but not being overwhelmed by any single one.

I’ve not gone searching for replicas of these broadloom carpets, but I’m pretty sure they still are relatively easily found. If 1945-rug-hat194.jpgyou’re not on a slab, wool is always my favorite. And for this style, you don’t need a hand-hooked rug, a manufactured weave would be just fine – I’m sure that’s what this illustration shows.


“…Create a ‘personality room!’ It’s a feeling as thrilling as buying a brand new hat!”


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  1. maddy123 says

    That room is very pretty–and does have a “timeless” look to it. Also, love both the ebay picks! For the right kitchen, that spice rack is a nice item. Practical, yet adds a retro flair.

  2. Sumac Sue says

    I can remember going “to town” with my mother in the early 60s, and we wore pretty dresses, hats, and white gloves. It stands to reason that when the ladies dressed with such attention to attractiveness and detail, that their homes were dressed just as nicely.

    This living room is very pretty, and has a nice balance of masculine and feminine touches.

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