30 photos of vintage Lyon metal kitchen cabinets – and some history on St. Charles kitchens — over on Postwar Steel Forum

vintage Lyon metal kitchen cabinets

vintage Lyon metal kitchen cabinetsmetal kitchen cabinet forumBe sure to see the 28 photos of a great vintage Lyon steel kitchen — two-toned — on the Forum under All About Lyons. An awesome kitchen that includes one of those GE refrigerators that was designed to look like a wall cabinet… a built in Nutone food center… and more. Georgeous, and thanks to Scathing Jane for spotting it!

Vintage late 50s early 60s St. Charles steel kitchen cabinetsVintage late 40s early 50s St. Charles steel kitchen cabinetsAlso, some new history on St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets – also courtesy of our newest cabinet scout, SJ!


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  1. Karina says

    We have a complete set in great condition that looks exactly like this set. Do you know how much there are worth?

  2. Michelle says

    I am not sure if they are worth anything in the big scheme of things but I just bought my first home and they have these cabinets in them. Rather than pay thousands of dollars to put in custom cabinets we will get someone to electrostatic paint them and we did a black and white floor and will have a snazzy retro kitchen!

  3. says

    Michelle – welcome! Your cabinets are worth tons in the big scheme of things! Lyons were/are gorgeous! Congrats on your new/old home – it sounds like it a good owner. Meanwhile, I do caution, some readers have had concerns with electrostatic painting. Perhaps better to consider auto body painting or powder coating. Or – at least be really sure the e-coating crew you hire has great references. Also, be sure to get knowledegable about the potential for lead paint in these old finishes – consult with a pro.

  4. Sue says

    Interesting vintage design, i think i’m going to combine the olden look with the modern swist by adding a counterpiece in the centre.

  5. Lauri Hutchins says

    I grew up in a Levitt development built in 1962. My friend who grew up in the house next door to mine just went through cleaning out the house she grew up in and selling it after her father passed away. The house still had the original metal cabinets, light fixtures, and GE range. Original metal louvered bifold closet doors and other details. It was a definite walk down memory lane. I hope the person who bought it appreciates some of the vintage items. The kitchen alone could be a Levitt museum!! It looked very similar to what is pictured here.

  6. Greg Kimberley says

    Help! I have the exact Lyon kitchen cabinets in the first picture above! I need a latch for one of the doors, can anyone tell me where to get a replacement handle with spring latch that holds the door closed on the pins? Thanks!

  7. says

    I have an old metal kitchen cabinet, formica top with stainless steel framing around the top. I has 2 drawers and cabinets underneath. I dont know how old this is, nor can I see what brand or type it is anywhere on it.
    Any hints to find out what it is? Its extremely heavy, is on some sort of wheels.

  8. says

    We just picked up our new St Charles kitchen cabinets yesterday. I have a pile of cabinets sitting in my kitchen right now. Last week we put a deposit on the cabinets when we just happened to go to a Reconnstruction Center place in New Britain, CT. We were only looking for a sink. Lo and behold there was this lovely set of cabinets for pretty cheap we thought. We loved the color and the style so we bought them on the spot. I went home and looked them up and found this great website that Pam runs. I went to the forum and the cabinets that we had just bought were on the forum listed as “for sale”. It’s been fun learning all about these cabinets and seeing all of the cool designs folks have come up with. If you go to my blog post for Aug. 4 you can see the pile of them in the kitchen. I’ll post more as we move along. So happy to have found such and informative site! Thanks!

    • Pat says

      I really enjoyed the photos of your metal kitchen cabinets. So many drawers, niches, and that spice cabinet….ooooh-la-la!! I have metal in my kitchen, lived with them for 20 years. Big double kitchen sink, lazy susan and corner cabinets. People come in and think they are so vintage. But my house was built in1912, so they must have been quite the upgrade in the 40’s or 50’s, who knows? I’ve been married 29 years, and never had a dishwasher. I think I’m going to reno my whole kitchen with wood cabinets in white, so I too will be looking for a buyer for my very strong, in great shape vintage beauties. From Montana

      • Judy says

        Can you tell me what brand the metal cabinets are. I am looking for more Lyon brand cabinets to go with the ones that I have.



        • Pat Mahan says

          Hi Judy,
          There are 2 different handles on my cabinets. I really need to find out more “how to” to get some photos up, and learn more about forum to keep on the up and up with retrorenovation. I am so encouraged with your response though. The other thing is, we live in Montana and won’t be reno-ing my kitchen until spring now. So, guess we have a little time to talk.


  9. Malinda says

    May be interested in your Lyon cabinets…I was unable to find them on the suggested blog. Can you provide info/pics? Where? How much? Pictures.


  10. Tim Z says

    Where might I find some of Lyon Cabinents? I have some in my kitchen and would like to find some 15″ with drawers. Also how might i repair one of my doors the is coming apart?

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