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“Meet the Austins” recently linked to my site saying they liked one of my living room post illustrations. So, I dug up these two 1957 kitchens for them, too. What do you think, Austins?

Like so many other elements of postwar homes, these kitchens very often had a Colonial flair. The paint colors are like colonial Milk Paint. Also notice the colonial style ceiling lights, chairs, curtains and accessories in both photos. In reality, 50s painted wood kitchen cabinets pull can lean either colonial or modern, but for the Father Knows Best look, I’m a sucker for colonial.

All of these cabinet pulls are available from Amerock — a large manufacturer whose prices and quality are just fine.

amerockhinge-bp1600-cb.jpg<——-I also adore this hinge – it’s a wrought-iron strap-style hinge that you use to install a 3/4 overlay door onto a cabinet; you know, those thinnish birch or maple plywood doors so very common in postwar kitchens. Strip, prime with the best primer you can find, and paint the wood, install with strap/hinge, add pull in same shade of black iron. Very cool look.

Retro cabinet hardware, Amerock Crosley satin nickelRetro cabinet hardware, Amerock Crosley pewterRetro cabinet hardware, Amerock Crosley oil-rubbed bronze

Finally, Amerock also has several more modern style cabinet pulls worth considering — the first set of three Crosley pulls (just above) kind of a traditional steel cabinet pull… the second (below), getting closer to the famous yet elusive Youngstown chevron pull…the final (below, right), similar to a streamlined waterfall pull, sweet.



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  1. Sumac Sue says

    This is the kitchen I meant to comment on — the blue is just what I want for my kitchen. I chose a shade that is way too light. The hanging lamp gives a perfect touch of red.

  2. 50sPam says

    Hi Judi aka SS – be sure to look at the Powder Blue on the Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern palette, it’s a pretty close match, I think. Maybe a tad light, but hard to say until you put in on the wall. If you were to use this color on your wall, you could also put it on the remaining countertop…?

    Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern palette

  3. Sumac Sue says

    I need to go to a Sherwin-Williams store and look at this color up close. It looks very pretty. We still haven’t gotten a permanent countertop. The illustration shows a pinkish counter to match the pinkish floors. I think I would get tired of that. The yellow color on the inside of the cabinet door is similar to our living room wall color. I like those colors together. My plan was to be able to see a wonderful blue from the yellow living room, and vice versa — we’ve gotten half of it right so far!

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