1953 storybook ranch home – envy strikes, bigtime!

I love my home and everything in it. But when I saw this house. OMG. This is what they call a “storybook ranch.” I suppose, for all the bric-a-brac trim… the mimicking of a Hansel and Gretel cottage. You think we are trying to relive the past with our kitsch? We have nothing on these people!

1953 storybook ranch home

1953 storybook ranch home yellow paintClick all photos to enlarge.

Note all the details – the mix of horizontal and vertical siding, the bracketed eaves, the decorative roof supports and the jutting roof line, the coach light, the shutters, the roof shingles and window ledges and different mullions on each window…and is that brick under the bay window? This design is all in the details! The living room is a 50s classic, too.

This just might be the most awesome 50s house of all time.

1953 storybook ranch home


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  1. Sumac Sue says

    Wow, what a fun house. The garden makes it perfect.

    The picture of the living room helps me see how closely my mom was following the interior decorating themes of the day. The white paneling, bookshelves, fireplace screen, floor lamp, magazine rack, brass items on the mantel, pleated skirt on the chair — I feel right at home.

  2. Tracy says

    Is there any pictures of the inside? That picture reminds me of the pictures in our Grade one and two readers! (with Mother, Father, Jane and Dick!)

  3. Michelle says

    I’m impressed with how current some of the decor is! The plum accent wall, the ethnic rugs – did I mention the plum accent wall?

  4. Teresa says

    This one just says ‘home’ to me and I’d live there in a Storybook minute. My parents’ ranch has vertical board and batten siding and it lasts forever, never any issues with it.

  5. hannah says

    This takes me right back to southern California, Palos Verdes to be exact. I remember my great aunts house looking a lot like this. LOVE IT to pieces! <3

  6. Mike says

    The house is awesome. I wonder, has anyone noticed the hand-drawn typography of the title—that gorgeous script that made ’50s advertising so bright and alive? Sorry; I’m just into typography:)

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