Vintage English Rose metal kitchen cabinets — from Spitfires to luxe to salvage and back again

vintage English Rose metal kitchen cabinets

Scathing Jane seems to have caught the steel kitchen cabinet bug even more than me. She recently sent this TREMENDOUS find my way — English Rose cabinets. Same as in America, England had surplus metals available after the war. In this case: Aluminium. These English Roses are iconic – and now highly collectible.

vintage English Rose metal kitchen cabinets

English Rose kitchen trolley cartHere’s a clip from an article about these cabinets: “The first English Rose kitchen was made in Warwickshire in 1948…by CSA Industries, an engineering firm that originally made nose cones for Spitfires. After the war ended, CSA used stock-piles of aircraft-grade aluminium by diversifying into up-market kitchens.”

Interestingly, the drawer design of these cabinets closely resembles our “American” brand, pictured below. Even see how they both have “trolley carts”… hmmm, maybe the companies shared some tooling? Nonethess, the English Roses’ recessed stainless steel handles really distinguish them.

1953 American metal kitchen cabinets
1953 American brand steel kitchen

Thanks, SJ, keep your cabinet finds coming!


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    • pam kueber says

      Moira, this is not a Do It Yourself site, although readers do sometimes share their experience. On this one, please consult with a professional – and be aware that there can be lead in that old paint – so get informed of proper environmental and safety precautions.

  1. Katie Briggs says


    I have an original English Rose kitchen for sale. Cream enamel finish doors with stainless steel tops.

    Anyone interested?

  2. lesliejo meyerhoff says

    just purchased amazing English Rose cream colored refrigerator. Now need cabinets with sink….

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