50s kitchen and bathroom – in the pink – with Beauty Queen

1955 beauty queen pink bathroom lavanette

1955 beauty queen pink bathroom lavanette1955 beauty queen pink kitchenSince so many readers are dealing with pink legacies, I’m on the lookout for vintage treatments. I actually wanted a pink kitchen, but the decorating gods rewarded my husband with the aquamarine that he preferred.

This Beauty Queen kitchen and lavanette are from the same company, Toledo Desk and Fixture Co., Maumee, Ohio. Oh how I wish I had a lavanette! (See one also in blue, in this 2007 post.)

And, the kitchen is pretty sweet, too. Notice the drawers that convex out – like the English Rose’s and Americans. And, the great stainless steel or chrome handles, like the GE’s. Very stylish!

1955 beauty queen pink kitchen



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  1. metanoia says

    I have just acquired some of these BeautyCraft pink metal kitchen cabinets and when the weather warms up will start working on them. First thing is to make the countertops and was wanting to make separate tops for each cabinet. For now I have just cut out plywood for each and covered with fabric so I could stack them. I can’t wait to get started for real. Come on Spring!

  2. Kim Jacobs-Beck says

    My husband and I just bought a house that has these Beauty Queen cabinets from Toledo Desk and Fixture. They are not to our taste and we plan to sell them. Any idea how much is a reasonable price from an antiques/collectibles dealer?

    There are about 12 feet of lower cabinets and about 9 feet of upper cabinets (window in the middle of them). We also have a separate sink base that is a different model (handles are different, but otherwise looks quite similar to the others).

    The countertops and sink are not original. The cabinets themselves are in excellent condition–no rust or dents. They have been painted a light yellow but appear to have been white originally.

    Any ideas how much is a fair price for them? We live in the Cincinnati area.

  3. says

    Hi Kim. You can post your cabinets for sale on our Forum — retrorenovation.com/forum – focused entirely on Cabinets from the period. Regarding price – the market is very local, it all depends on what your buyer is willing to pay. Your cabinets having been repainted diminishes the value vs. original finish. Good luck, 50s Pam

  4. Eric Chiarelli says

    I’m helping a friend renovate his kitchen, and it has these cabinets in “Surf Turquoise”. The emblem is missing from the sink cabinet – anyone know where one can be had? Thanks!

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