50s kitchen: Encore Kimberly sends us an aquamarine GE stove and refrigerator … barely used

1959 GE refrigerator aqua turquoise1959 GE refrigerator aqua turquoise

Pink — and aqua — have got to be the two iconic colors of the postwar period.

Encore Kimberly, a new reader, sends us this incredible stove and fridge from ebay. In Wichita KS, in pristine condition — 1959 models that were used for a year, then put into the basement for only occasional use. Hey, I have a 1959 GE pushbutton range! Kim says:

Hi Pam, I love your site! I have been searching on Ebay for what seems an eternity for a Heywood Wakefield Encore dresser(at a decent price) to match my son’s twin DogBone bed when these nifty items popped up.The price isn’t all that terrific but they look to be in good shape and the color is to die for. Thought you might be interested.

Thanks for the great site,

Thank you, Kimberly!
Send us photos of the dogbone beds!

1959 GE stove aqua turquoise


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  1. Kimberly says

    Thanks for posting my find! I thought of the readers here as soon as I saw them. I’ll have to mail you a pic of the Dogbone bed once it’s put together. I noticed (after purchasing of course) that the rails that support the mattress were missing from the wooden side rails and I spent yesterday searching with no luck for replacement parts. I hate to just use plain metal rails when the original wood ones are in such good condition.

  2. 50sPam says

    Kimberly, we have Heywood Wakefield twin beds in my daughter’s bedroom – 1948 Riviera’s, I think they are called. There were no rails supporting the mattress and box springs, and there did not look like there ever were – no place for them. We used plywood and it’s worked just fine. Does anyone out there know about HW structure? Also, Kimberly – you could try the Heywood Wakefield company that still exists? I think they make twin beds, bet they would have an answer if not a solution for you. Search Heywood Wakefield on this site – they will come up. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. 50sPam says

    Kimberly – Florida Artist Leslie is having log in problems and sends this advice re Heywood Wakefield rails: …I want to reply to Kimberly about her heywood-wakefield twin bed rails. There is a wonderful source in Florida. Mostly they are wonderful not only because of their extensive stock and expertise in term of refinishing but also they are informative and approachable. Not sure if they would or do have the rails, but it is a very likely place to try. Please forward this info: Boomerang modern 516-835-1865, it’s in Palm Beach florida.

    • Therese says

      Can you tell me where you got it painted? I tried auto places but they don’t want to do a frig. Also, any ideas to make functional a cool looking vintage frig that is no longer working?

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