Metal kitchen cabinets: An amazing set of yellow GE cabinets, Denver – now on the Postwar Steel Forum

metal kitchen cabinets GE 50smetal kitchen cabinets GE 50s

A big, fabulous set of 1956 yellow GE steel kitchen cabinets just spotted and posted to the Postwar Steel Forum. Looks like there’s a color-coordinated dishwasher, cooktop, rangehood…and mention of a fridge. Drool drool drool. Be sure to take a look.

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$1000 is a great price, especially if they are in as good of condition as advertised. Be sure to let us know if you are the lucky one to snatch these up!
metal kitchen cabinets for sale


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  1. Kay says

    they must have changed it. I looked at this just after it went up and was shocked at the price, even pointed it out to my friend. $1000 is a much better deal.

  2. 50sPam says

    Hi Kay. Bizarre – I’m going thru my saved craigslists, and see there is a SECOND yellow kitchen in Montana. Yellow, Youngstown, $5000. I have just emailed them and asked them to post on the Forum. Also advised that their price is quite high – I agree with you, too much!

  3. Steve says

    May 1, 2008 – My brother in Chicago has a set of GE Ivory cabinets he’s looking to sell, the condition is great (coming from a 1br condo) and the price is right. Plus it includes the matching GE stove and oven! Its listed with pics on, in the forsale/materials section.

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