“Save the Pink Bathrooms” — Atomic Addiction Brian keeps the fire burning

Brian at Atomic Addiction sent all these links to help Save the Pink Bathrooms – which deserve a post of their own. Brian. I am with you. But don’t give yourself a coronary, we’ve got work to do. Oh my god, I LOVE that vanity, TOO! Here’s what he has to say:

I just watched another horrible remodel of a cool bathroom. Now the wallpaper was a bit much, however that’s an easy fix. They had a really cool vanity and pink recessed soap and toilet paper holders. Don’t they know what those go for now? Idiots…

Boggy Bathroom Burnout: (link now gone)
50s pink bathroom vanity

50s pink bathroom vanity

50s pink bathroom - after

He continues: While looking for this episode I found these other episodes that my be just as gut wrenching. I have not seen these and may not want to…

Funky ’50s Facilities:

50s pink bathroom

50s pink bathroom

50s pink bathroom - after

Blindingly Bright Bath: (link now gone)

50s pink bathroom50s pink bathroom - after

And concludes: Looks like there are a lot of these bathrooms that have some snappy pink tile…

Atomic Addiction

Thank you, Brian 🙁


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  1. says

    Uh oh… I didn’t know I was carrying the flag into this battle. Oh well… I guess it is just as good of a cause as any. Someone already saved the whales right? Isn’t Al Gore doing that? 🙂

    I’m not going to be chaining myself to any bulldozers in protest to stop bathroom demolition anytime soon. However, I suppose that if people knew that people actually want vintage bathroom items then that would help us renovators.

    Who wouldn’t want that curved vanity? I know I would.

    Atomic Addiction

  2. Palm Springs Stephan says

    I love the way the curved vanity mirrors the curve of the bathtub rim! Some careful thought went into that. But in the immortal words of Oscar Wilde on his deathbed, “Either the wallpaper goes or I do.”
    On the bright side of this trend toward classic bath desecration, I do think that if any of us lives long enough, we will see these new and trendy baths now posted as “After” photos become the “Before” photos for the next generation of remodelers. As many have already said, I cannot wait to see tumbled stone and slate and cultured marble become the laughing stock of all the remodeling shows!

  3. Femme1 says

    You know, it’s so easy for people to fall under the spell of HGTV and the home decorating magazines. They are all part of the consumer culture engine. How’s the US economy going to continue if we’d stop paying attention to the current “style” and re-do everything endlessly? Don’t get me started on a rant!

  4. Sumac Sue says

    Thanks, Brian, for a glimpse at these delightful pink bathrooms, or rather, formerly delightful pink bathrooms. I think anyone could feel dashing or glamorous in the original bathrooms, but just run-of-the-mill average in the renovations.

    We just found a lovely old medicine cabinet with a mirror very similar to the one in the third pink bathroom above (mirror has a curved top and flower etching). We hope it will work in our full bathroom. It was only $2 at the ReStore! We had hoped to use a 50s-era medicine cabinet from a house being renovated up the street, but it was too large. So,we donated it to the ReStore. This is the sort of economy we like, participating in the re-use of good stuff. The HGTV programs often spout about using eco-friendly materials and so on, but, then they demolish really good stuff and don’t even mention that it can be re-used.

  5. Vincent Baine says

    OMG! Thank goodness, when the previous owner of my 1958 home did their little remodeling ‘on the cheap’ back in the 70’s, they couldn’t budget in replacing the pink tiles!

    Incidentally, the first month I lived here I uncovered the original fancy cinder block wall (constructed between the living room and kitchen) which had been covered over with creepy faux wood paneling! It was like finding buried treasure.

    Vince Baine
    Gainesville, FL

  6. Fran says

    Hey. I have a pink bathroom too. It has pink wall and tub tile, a pink toilet and a pink tub. The vanity is built in place and is a white formica with goldish specs.

    I want to preserve it, but it is looking a bit worn, especially the sink and toilet.

    Question. I have managed to find a sink in white that is exactly like the pink one. If I got a vintage white toilet, do you think that it still would look good? I have to keep a sink that is the same basic style because the sink and vanity are built into the tile, rather than on it, if that makes sense.

    Also, the floor is a beige linoleum. I’d love to have some vintage mosiac tiles but good luck on that one. I could go white there but I thought that grey might be good too.

    I suppose next you’ll ask for some pics and I’ll work on that. 🙂


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