Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

mint-in-box Sunbeam appliance center

1959 barbieOkay, I really only bring this up because there seem to be SO MANY COINCIDENCES among readers of this blog. Like, Femme1 is also the granddaughter of Pennsylvania coal miners. Steel kitchen cabinets show up from readers just as I am about to do a post. We all eat corn on the cob using the typewriter method! So… anyone else have a birthday today? Aquarians? 1959 same year as Barbie?

I also get to show off the recent ebay presents that I bought myself. You don’t think I list EVERYTHING awesome on this blog, now do you? I am all about mint-in-box these days, as you can see.

Finally – and I really mean it – my best birthday present this year, in addition to having a healthy family, is this blog and all the great friends it’s helped me make. It’s actually quite amazing.

So here are the goodies:

Mint-in-box Boy Scout sign. (I set their current politics aside.):

vintage retro boy scouts sign

Mint-in-box 1978 Sears kitchen faucet (which I don’t need one bit) but look at those cool hot and cold handles:

Mint-in-box Sears kitchen faucet

And best of all, mint-in-box Sunbeam appliance center which is making me SO SO SO Happy, even though it’s going to cost even more to install. Now, why did these not catch on?:

mint-in-box Sunbeam appliance center


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  1. maddy123 says

    Pam, Happy Birthday!!

    Hope you got yourself something retro-fabulous!

    LOVE your blog. It’s a great resource and lots of fun to read.

  2. Sumac Sue says

    Hi Pam. Today is my husband’s birthday! He was born in 1954, so today he is 54 — his extra special birthday. I am making him some sourdough bread as a treat, along with his favorite birthday cake of course –yellow cake with chocolate icing. If I only had that Sunbeam appliance center to make my baking go easier!

    Hope you have a really great birthday!

  3. 50sPam says

    Hey Sumac Sue – Happy Birthday to Wayne, a peach of a husband from all you’ve told me! And, thanks for the info on Lowe’s. I actually thought the big boxes might have something. We don’t have a Lowe’s…and I haven’t been in HD for a while to check. Also, I think a good lumber store might have catalogs and sources and such. This is something that I will keep working on…

  4. Esti says

    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

    And thank you for being there to help me appreciate my kitchen.

    My family thinks it’s hysterical that this is the first website I visit each day!

  5. Femme1 says

    Happy B-day!! I’m so glad you treated yourself, Pam, especially to that Sunbeam appliance center. That is truly the bomb. You’ve GOT to have it installed in your kitchen, no matter the cost. And you deserve it for all the interesting stuff you bring to us blog readers every day.

    What is IN that thing anyway? A giant circuit breaker to keep you from blowing the fuses when you’ve got your electric coffee pot, toaster, AND your electric pressure cooker (who knew they made such a thing!) and your electric frying pan all plugged in at the same time? What a woman! She’s making breakfast and pressure cooking dinner at six in the morning.

  6. Sumac Sue says

    Yes, Wayne is a peach. He doesn’t groan when I get decorating inspirations from 50sPam’s great site. Like Esti, it’s the first place I visit each day.

    I am happy to see my very first Barbie pictured above too. How I loved playing with her, Ken, and Midge. I saved them and let my daughter play with them, which in some ways was a mistake, because they got so ratty. But, in the long run it was OK, because they were so much cooler than the modern versions.

  7. says

    They should bring back the Sunbeam appliance center. It would be great for keeping your appliances from drawing power even when they’re off. You could easily put this on display in you living room with all your television related peripherals plugged in. What a green idea.

  8. leslie says

    Happy birthday! Wonderful….You found sound yummy presents! I hope you had a dreamy time. The sunbeam electronic center is gorgeous, what fun. Such a smart idea. Funny enough when I saw the illustration I gasped. My mother must have been a sunbeam type of gal as I clearly remember the exact same egg poacher which indeed does look like a pressure cooker (I used to like to play with the water meter on the top), the toaster (which I still had until several years ago) and even the exact percolator. Lovely. Thanks for such a great memory and a great blog, so helpful, inspiring and fun. Happy of happiest!

  9. Femme1 says

    An egg poacher! Thanks, Leslie, I would have never guessed.

    When I was a kid, we had a Toast-o-lator, one of those toasters that the toast “walked” through on a sort of conveyor belt. You could watch the toast through a little round glass window. I had it until my 20s, when I left it behind in one move or another. I’m still hankering after one but they are very expensive now.

  10. Holyoke Cindy says

    Hey Pam!!! Happy B-Day! Isn’t it amazing that all over the world your readers have made decorating and renovation decisions influenced by reading your blogs and viewing all the great photos you collect? It’s Happy Birthday to All! Enjoy those gifts!

  11. Mrs. Pitcher says

    I know this is a little late, but I LOVE the idea of an appliance center! I know in my kitchen I could use one! Since my house was built in 1951, the outlets are few and far between, and there has been more than one occasion when I’ve been turning around in circles with hand mixer plug in hand looking for an available outlet. I wonder if an appliance maker could be persuaded to make them to modern standard?

  12. Dennis says

    I would love to see the details of the Sunbeam Appliance Center – is it wired in, or plugs in to a conventional outlet? I had bought a Sunbeam T20A toaster off ebay a few years ago, I was afraid to use it as the cord looked old. When my cheapo toaster died, I sent it off to Toaster Central to be checked over, nothing mechanically wrong, they cleaned it and replaced the cord and plug. What a great toaster! I don’t have to fight with it, and this one automatically raises and lowers the toast – no levers! This also has “radiant control” which I guess measures the temp of the bread by radiating the heat to a reflector – and measuring the temp – works so great!

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