Youngstown Kitchen – 1957 marketing material and a priceless video

1957 Youngstown Kitchen1957 Youngstown Kitchen1957 Youngstown Kitchen

Youngstown Kitchens were the #1 brand of steel kitchen cabinets across America in the postwar period. As a result, we see lots of these “fitted kitchen” sets come available for sales – with lots of choices of cabinets pieces.

While I am still in the early stages of gathering the history of these cabinets, I do know that the company seems to have been originally called Youngstown Pressed Steel Kitchens, and was a division of Mullins Manufacturing Corp., of Warren, Ohio. Ultimately, Youngstown Kitchens (at least) was purchased by American Standard, which also had metal kitchen cabinets. Presumably, this was part of consolidation that ultimately occurs in any industry.

Here are some great reference pieces from 1957 – the year that I consider the absolute peak of the postwar consumer frenzy — when EVERYTHING was available.

And, BE SURE to watch this incredible, bouncing-ball sing-along, 1953 video of the “Mullinaires” singing about Youngstown Kitchen, presumably for a dealer convention. Thanks to reader Jackie for finding this.


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  1. Chris Knuckles says

    I have a “Youngstown Kitchens Jet-Tower Dishwasher Treasure Chest” wooden box. I’m trying to search on the internet for any information about it but can’t find much. All I’ve found, so far, are some newspaper advertisements from Sandusky and other northern Ohio cities announcing a Treasure Chest key promotion/contest. It seems that if you went by the store and saw the demo, you got a key to the “Treasure Chest”…if your key fits the lock, you win it. However, I don’t have any other information or pictures, etc. on what those Treasure Chests looked like to verify if the wood box I have is part of that promotion.
    Does anyone know anything about this? I’d be happy to email pictures of the box if anyone is interested…


  2. Chris says

    Where can I find door latch hardware?
    Wall cabinets r Youngstown series e, but I need door catch/latch hardware for the sink cabinets which have a ‘murray’ emblem. I found the model number on an inside door, but am not near them now to post, but I think it was 550? Was gonna refinish old cabinets, but also want new ones instead. Cannot afford, that is why I am refinishing, but need door hardware. Porcelain in the sink is pretty bad. Was gonna try the refinishing stuff at Home Depot, but idk

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