50s metal kitchen – “Wowzers!” says Superstar Sarah – today’s ebay pick

metal kitchen cabinets from Levittown

metal kitchen cabinets from Levittownmetal kitchen cabinets from LevittownPhotographer Sarah Superstar has an eagle eye (of course!) and spotted today’s ebay pick — a very pretty, light pink set of metal kitchen cabinets. Bonus 1: From a real Levittown subdivision, Levittown, PA! Bonus 2: Groovy countertops. Bonus 3: A built-in blender set-up. And bonus 4: A new brand for our Forum – United Metal Cabinet Corp. of Pottsville, PA – just over the way from my mom’s hometown, Shenandoah. THANK YOU, Sarah!

metal kitchen cabinets from Levittown


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  1. 50sPam says

    Hey Sue – the link to the ebay auction is in the post itself. Click where it’s kind of underlined in green – that’s the live link. Good luck.

  2. Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques says

    The counter TOPS are not original to the metal cabinets, nor are they vintage. They are 1990’s.
    Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques

  3. 50sPam says

    Ron – why do you say that the countertops are not original? I know that they do not have the stainless steel edging — but, I do have examples from the 50s of GE Textolite, Formica, Micarta, Consoweld and other countertops that had rolled edges like these. I would personally guess original based on the color and the plethora of built-ins…

    • Sue says

      Everything in that kitchen is absolutely original except for the hood over the cooktop— it was from a Levitt built house called the Pennsylvanian and there were not many of that model built. We lived in one from 1960 until we sold it in around 2000. The countertops were original to that model. The stainless steel countertops were in other Levitt models.

  4. maggie says

    I just checked the auction and someone got that whole kitchen for $760. Wow. What a deal. I wish it were me and I wish I were renovating a retro metal kitchen.

  5. John says

    I own the Levittown kitchen in pink. The blender still works which is amazing. What incredible build and how much they hold up.

    We sold a double oven about 3 years ago except for the fade it worked amazing.

    Really great pictures. If I can upload I will do so.

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