50s bedroom – a very typical bedroom set of Drexel Inspiration


1952-drexel-bedroom.jpgI have a lot of great advertising for 50s bedroom sets, and thought I’d start a new run with this one, a 1952 boxy blonde set from Drexel. It’s so nice to look at 50s furniture other than Heywood-Wakefield, although I’m not knocking it. Point is, there was a lot of really beautiful, well-made furniture from the period. And from my experience, big items like bedroom sets and dining rooms are relatively easy to pick up, relatively inexpensively. (Like, how many bedroom and dining sets do you need? There is a finite market – unlike that for collectibles.)

Another thing somewhat surprising as I continue to examine materials of the period with you, is the preponderance of chartreuse, matched with other strong colors like the blue here. Pinks and turquoise are so associated with the period, but golly gee, I seem to see lots of chartreuse, too. It’s a color that’s really grown on me…hmmm, where can I use it.

Last point on this image – note how the corner windows are unified with the pinch pleat semi-sheers. Nicely done.


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  1. Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques says


    It’s been my experience that the most creative people are the least afraid to use the colors orange and green. I’m not saying every home should have those colors (yikes!), but this IS a small thing I’ve seen repeatedly. I have no explanation for it.

    Ronn Ives

  2. Sumac Sue says

    This bedroom is so similar to the bedroom my sister and I shared in the 60s and 70s. We had a blonde twin bed set with two dressers that my grandma had purchased in the 50s when a hotel went out of business. (It’s since been passed on to another relative for their visiting grandkids to use). We had colors similar to the room shown, but reversed — green walls and solid blue bedspreads and rugs. Instead of a lamp on a bedside table, we had little reading lamps that hooked to the tops of our headboards. I can’t remember the curtains — my mom had white sheers with pleated drapes in the living and dining rooms, but I think she just put sheers in all of the bedrooms. As this picture shows, it’s a nice look.

  3. Tom says

    Hi: I have a 6 piece 1960’s Drexel Profile bedroom set for sale. Anyone know what I should be charging. Its in good shape and is for a king size bed. Thanks.

    • Jim McArdle says

      Tom – curious what you might have gotten ($$$) wise for your Drexal bedroom set . . . I have a set with headboard, dresser, hutch and 2 end tables, all purchased by my aunts in about 1960. Good Set, just needs refinishing . . . want to sell

  4. Lisa says

    I just bought a beautiful complete Drexel Biscayne bedroom set, bookcase headboard, 2 night stands, a chest and dresser. I absolutely love it. It’s simple and it’s quality, and the room feels orderly and restful for once. I feel like the very simple modern design pushes me to rid the room of clutter and keep it clean and it’s a great feeling!

  5. Janet says

    Reminds me of my late parents’ Drexel Profile bedroom suite that is now mine. But theirs is brown instead of blond. Their living room furniture was blond (Heywood Wakefield). I just found out online that the Drexel Profile furniture is considered a nice 50’s type of furniture too. I thought it must be since the lines are so attractive and it is so solid and well made. I do have to say, Mom and Dad had good taste in furniture!

  6. Laura says

    I have a set of this furniture. I got the whole set including a full size bookshelf headboard, double dresser with beveled mirror, 4 drawer chest and 2 nightstands at an auction a few years ago for $25.00 and I love it! The real brass handles would be worth that alone!!
    I do however need help! The finish is in quite good shape for its age but as was the manufacturing process at the time varnish was used over birch veneer. It is a difficult color…my impression is greenish, greyish iviory..ish, with an aged honeyed varnish over it all. ( I actually had another set that I tried to do some re-finishing on. It can’t be reproduced according to a furniture guy I talked to) but I digress…I cannot decide what color to paint and decorate my small bedroom/ adjoining bath! This is the first picture I have seen and I love it but I don’t know that it would be very restful. Any other ideas/ pics would be sooo appreciated!

  7. Lindarae says

    I have my Mom and Dad’s blond bedroom set from the early 50’s. Bed (with flex steel? instead of box spring) headboard, dresser & mirror, chest and also a matching blond TV center with rolling doors.

    I want to have it appraised and purchased by someone that really appreciates mid century solid furniture. Can you give some suggestions on how to do that?

  8. Blaine says

    The Drexel Inspiration ad shows several of the bedroom pieces. I purchased the highboy chest and have not seen any other pieces of this line. All I see when searching are the Profile, Declaration Projection Perception etc… Any leads?

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