1942 Vintage St. Charles cabinets – with cool glass block backsplash

st charles metal kitchen cabinets

Spotted these pink St. Charles’ on craigslist, and have invited the seller to post to the Postwar Steel cabinet Forum. These photos are pretty bad, but I wanted to show them in particular to spotlight the use of glass block as backsplash. If your architecture is amenable, how terrific! I like the look of that stove, too. In Kansas City.


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  1. Kay says

    It’s fun to see great kitchens like this. But sad to know the owners are going to rip it out in favor of some bland particle board cabinets and granite counter tops.

    I would love to have this kitchen.

  2. says


    I am custom cabinet maker in Old Town Virginia, and I have client who will be selling a full kitchen load of St Charles cabinets. They are a mint green..
    if anyone is interested…contact me . as of now I do not have photos but can get VERY quickly. The cabs as, I remember are in very good condition.

    BTW..they will NOT be replaced with BLAND particle board anything…

    ask me for pix of MY kitchens…!!!

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