Vintage flatware from Oneida — I have grandma’s Coronation — how about you?

vintage 1952 oneida silverware

So what kind of vintage flatware do retro renovation readers prefer? I am going to be tied to the computer all day Saturday – so send me an email and/or photos and I’ll post them throughout the day. We did this with dinnerware a while back, and it was lots of fun.

Me? I use vintage Coronation stainless that my grandma Aggie Kueber gave to me shortly after I was married. I also bought a complete second set a year or two later, when Oneida reintroduced it for a time. I recently checked with the company, and the only “true” vintage pattern they still offer today is Revere – a very colonial pattern. You can also find complete sets on ebay – there are some real beauties.

Owning and using vintage flatware every single day is one of the greatest ways to be in touch (ha!) with the period!

vintage 1952 oneida silverware


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  1. says

    I’ve always loved flatware with wooden handles, but only recently found the perfect set— MODE DANISH Mid-Century Teak wood Flatware Sheffield England & Japan. I don’t know anything about the history, but i just found and bought a great set on ebay. I’d like to take good care of them. Does anyone have any advice on caring for the wood? I don’t know if it is really teak or not.

  2. Deborah says

    I recently got a set of Rogers ‘Flair’ silverplate. It’s a very simple stylized botanical pattern. I believe it’s from the fifties: It certainly has that midcentury vibe.

  3. Clarence Ellis says

    I have Oneida’s “Woodmere”…I’ve always loved it. I believe it was made from 1966 to 1970.

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