1961 stove/fridge/cabinet/sink – today’s craigslist find – courtesy Florida Leslie

dwyer combo stove fridge sink cabinet metal kitchen unit

Florida Leslie sends this very excellent 1961 stove/fridge/cabinet/sink combo. I’ve seen these before, but never in this great shape. Someday if I make an apartment in my basement, I will install one of these. Hey – from the day when someone thought people might actually like COMPACT kitchens. Haha, that’s a good one!

San Diego, $1500. Manufacturer: Dwyer. With original paperwork. Thanks, Leslie!


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  1. says

    this is almost identical to our kitchen except ours is a pale pink. And ya, I love my little compact kitchen. I didn’t at first, but less counterspace means less space to pile the dirty dishes.

    With a built in fridge under the counter and a compact stove, it’s original to the apartment building we live in, built in 1949.

  2. Maggie says

    Wouldn’t it be swell if you could fit a unit like this into a renovation of a classic Airstream Trailer?

    Pam, if you read this, I have a question: in your vast collection of vintage magazine ads, do you have one for free-standing steel kitchen cabinets? I’m thinking of two I once saw that were sort of like metal versions of Hoosier cabinets — two doors below, workshelf at counter height with two drawers, and an upper half like a hutch, with shelving fronted by either metal doors or sliding glass doors.

    I’m still kicking myself for not buying those.


  3. says

    Dwyer has been building compact kitchens for slightly over 80 years. While we don’t see quite as many of the old “porcelain” kitchens as we used to, there are still thousands of units out there that are still working as well as the day they were built.
    While the theory of the the compact kitchen is still extremely valid today, the materials, finishes and design of the compact appliances have been radically updated since Florida Leslie’s kitchen rolled out of our plant 45+ years ago.
    Dwyer can be located at http://www.dwyerkitchens.com.
    And please tell Maggie that Dwyer has the ability to fabricate steel, stainless steel or aluminum kitchens in virtually any size, shape or color.
    Dennis McCurdy
    Western Sales Manager
    Dwyer Kitchens Incorporated

  4. Barbara Deveaux says

    I am trying to find one of these compact kitchens, but it seem the appliance stores here in
    Ft. Lauderdale no longer stock them. Can you please advise if and who may have these
    and how much on of them may cost?

    Thank you look foward to hearing from you soon

    • linda pudlo says

      i have this exact set-
      light pink – excellent condition –
      everything in working order-
      contact me
      480 239 1782
      i can send photos as well
      i am located in phoenix arizona

  5. Debra Lavigne says

    My husband just informed me he has one of these units in his workshop. He was thinking of selling it, my comment was…. OH no you won’t! I absolutely love this unit!

  6. david says

    I have this exact dwyer kitchenette with cabinets, back splash and stove,sink, refridge, oven, storage door, and want to sell it. it is in good condition everything works and porcelain is in good condition also with some small spots touched up with porcelain paint. if interested email me and I will send pictures….david

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