Where to get the steel ring that “locks in” a vintage sink, Maggie asks


Maggie writes,

Pam..thanks for your great photos. I’m moving back to my childhood home and restoring the 1959 kitchen. I’m looking for the silver color trim ring that seals in the TURQUOISE porcelain sink! That matches the turquoise wall oven and stove-top and the white, black and turquoise design in the floor! Thank for any help or direction!

NP, Maggie. Mac the Antique Plumber to the rescue again — well, maybe. They seem to have these metal mounting rings (sold separately from the vintage style sinks, which are also a great find!) in number of sizes.

However, one big potential issue/problem I can see – is if you have an integral faucet. These are not for that style. I’m concerned, I’m afraid that’s what you have – because that’s what I have – my metal ring is about 42 x 21. My reco, if none of these listed sizes are right, to start: Ask the Mac folks, my experience is that they are great. Let me know how what they say. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll search some more — and maybe other readers have some ideas.

AND IMPORTANTLY, what is this torturing us with a juicy description of your kitchen and NO PHOTOS? What do the cabinets look like? Send ’em to me, sister! Thanks for writing, Maggie!



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  1. Tom Brabec says

    I had someone cut out the hole in our laminate kitchen counter for our stainless steel sink which is standard size of 22″ x 33″. In the upper left corner the hole got cut about 3/8″ too big. I’m wondering if they make a ring that could go under our sink to cover this up. Help me if someone has any answers. Thank you. Tom

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