Vintage Nutone exhaust fan – mint in box – today’s ebay pick

Hot item! You know how much I love these!
vintage nutone exhaust fan


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  1. says


    I had this model vent fan in my 1949 home. There was a long inside chain for you to pull the outside vent door closed during the winter.


  2. sablemable says

    Yep, I have this one, too, original in my 1955 ranch. Also have the original Nutone hood. Both are still operating like they were brand new.

    I did email Braun-Nutone to inquire if these year models could still be repaired and the answer was yes.

  3. beamergirl says

    i’m looking for a chrome nutone (or other brand) fan for my kitchen wall. just like the one you posted…can’t find one. the newer models are white/plastic.

    any suggestions?

    • pam kueber says

      beamergirl – give R&I Enterprises a call – they may have some of the last stock for the BRUSHED ALUMINUM covers (which were just discontinued by Nutone):

      Alternatively – you’re going to have to watch ebay. I am doing some more research on this topic and have some additional new sources to spotlight. Check back – I will aim for a post next week.

  4. Jeremy says

    Hi everyone,
    I have been trying to find if people still collect and (or) use nutone stainless steel range hoods and nutone exhaust fans. I have been remodeling my 1958 ranch home and i just hate to throw these away because they do work good yet. If anyone is interested please let me know.

    • pam kueber says

      long gone, margaret. when i see them on ebay, i feature them on my blog. you need to become a regular reader 🙂 also please see my Kitchen category: Accessories features the alternatives available today

    • pam kueber says

      watch ebay. also see my category Kitchens/Appliances for stories on buying new Nutone fun + replacement chrome plated cover…

    • pam kueber says

      ya gotta watch ebay for vintage; i have resources to get a decent facsimile new — use the search or the categories.

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