Pink kitchen alert! Courtesy reader Erica

vintage 50s 60s pink kitchenvintage 50s 60s pink kitchen

Erica writes:

Pam, I found these and my dial up is too slow to look on the site to see if they are already on the Forum. The price is high but it’s an amazing set! Not sure what make they are either.

vintage pink 50s 60s kitchenvintage range hood

Thanks, Erica! Hmmm, these indeed looked familiar, and I can see they were posted on the Forum in early January. Appliances are apparently Frigidaire, the cabinets, I’m guessing, are GE (by the handles). Las Vegas flamboyance, of course! Let’s find a buyer!

vintage range hood


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  1. 50sPam says

    Ed – click the hotlink “these” at the beginning of the post. Anytime you see words in gree, with the little dash underline – that means there’s a hotlink.

  2. puddletown says

    FYI I sent this posting to Pam last January. At the time they had them posted for $1200. The posting was up on Craigslist for at least a month. Maybe this will give anyone interested in purchasing them a bargaining chip. Good luck!

  3. 50sPam says

    You know, I hate to say it – but I think this very blog is driving these prices up! This, and the revival of St. Charles cabinets. Snap your sets up fast, retro renovators, while there is still time to find a bargain!

    And Cheryl/Puddletown – you are absolutely right. Original price was $1200 – you can see the original listing in the Postwar Steel Forum (top nav bar) under All Other Cabinets for Sale, dated 12/31.

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