Big set of pink Beauty Queen metal cabinets now on the Postwar Steel Forum

beauty queen metal kitchen cabinetsbeauty queen metal kitchen cabinetsbeauty queen metal kitchen cabinets

OMG gorgeous – look at all these pink Beauty Queen metal kitchen cabinets! In Missouri, now on the Postwar Steel Forum – top nav bar. Also see the great Hoffman’s – new brand! – from Toronto.


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  1. katvt says

    I am new to this fantastic sight and I am having trouble navigating. I am very interested in this pink kitchen set but I don’t know how to find out info on it. The price, where it is. Can someone help me do some navigation!
    I am going to be building a new house in a few years and I have decided to start searching for my perfect 1950’s kitchen now since I know it may take some time to find exactly what I am looking for. I adore Pam’s blue kitchen but I am aware that it may be next to impossible to find cabinets in any color that are in similar shape.
    I am specifically looking for blue, pink or white all metal Geneva, St. Charles or GE but as long as the cabinets are in good to great shape I am not very particular.
    I live in Vermont but I am willing to do some traveling if necessary for the perfect kitchen. My new kitchen will be quite large so I am going to need lots of cabinets!!
    Thanks for your help!!

  2. says

    Katvt, the Forum is a separate site – it’s at the top of the nav bar, to the right. You must register.

    As far as moving around this site, use “Search” and the “Categories.” Once you are in a post, you can also connect to other posts of the same ilk through the Tags. I do this all in my spare time, so it is not perfect. It is a journey of discovery – just like retro renovating – both require patience and a good attitude.

    Separately, I have a lead on a large set of pinks, which I will be doing a post on shortly, they are in Indiana.

    • pam kueber says

      Dawn – go over to the Forum. You need to register to participate. Folks communicate back and forth in that space. … Also, this post is from 2008, so I’m guessing these are long gone. But: new (old) ones come up daily, so jump in the game!

  3. Jane Barnett says

    I want to repaint my 1940s Youngstown Ohio white metal cabinets. Please help tell me how to do it. Thanks.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jane, this is not a DIY site. But, we do have several stories about readers sharing their experiences repainting metal cabinets. Please: Be sure to get informed regarding potential lead hazards in old paint as well as other safety and environmental issues — consult with a professional. Meanwhile, see all our stories about steel kitchen cabinets in the Kitchens/Steel Kitchen category. Good luck.

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