Retro flooring: Some new choices, courtesy Portland Laura

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx47Reader Portland Laura alerted me to these great, new flooring choices. Streaky 12″x12″ vinyl tile from Congoleum.

Here is the link to the Congoleum Commercial section, where these tiles are shown. They are in the “CX” section. But all sections are worth looking at:

Hurray! More, true streaky choices to supplement my previous only favorite, Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze. Thank you, Laura!

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx9150s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx1450s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx12


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  1. Chris says

    Where and what are these tiles called and are they still available from congoleum? Do you have the website where I can but them?

    • Kelly says

      I really like the aqua spring. As it is a commercial floor where did you purchase the tiles? I was not able to find anything under the “where to buy” section on the Congoleum website. Thanks!

      • pam kueber says

        Go to a local flooring store, Kelly. You could also check with Home Depot, Lowes or Menards — big box stores — to see if they would order it for you.

        • Kelly says

          Thanks, Pam. I will check and see if I can get Home Depot to order it for me. I love all the helpful information on your blog! I have had a mid century decor for a long time, but I finally have a house I can renovate and have found lots of wonderful ideas on your blog site. Thanks again for getting back to me. P.S. I LOVE your aqua kitchen. It is just beautiful! k

          • pam kueber says

            Thank you, Kelly. Be sure to look at samples first! Also, check the thicknesses. Various manufacturers have various thicknesses; I think this makes for quality differences… I have the Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze on my floor. Love it. But, it requires maintenance — I have lots of stories about this on the blog… use Search and see Kitchens/Floors category.

  2. Judy says

    I volunteer at a farm museum. We are putting together “The House before Electricity” – 1880-1900 DAIRY/FARM house. Wood floors though out except the KITCHEN. It is a bare room with a door to the parlor and another to the porch, 2 windows and a cold closet at the moment. The large items which are slated to go in are: Hoosier, large wood stove on a mat; cabinets; a basin with a hand pump.
    We are also about ready to start on “The House after Electricity” 1960’s [farm house] and will need kitchen and bathroom floor ideas and where to buy [Maryland 21042]. Please remember we are a volunteer group/ read little money. Thank you!!

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