Retro bathrooms: New-old-stock Crane sinks and toilets

Hunting for a particular sink for a particular reader I came across this photo and this story. It just blew me away, I could barely contain myself. This is from a salvage place, Recycling the Past, in New Jersey. The link is at the end of this post. Here is what their website says about this treasure trove of new-old-stock Crane sinks and toilets:

Essentially all these great plumbing fixtures date from the late 1950’s to early 1970’s and have never been installed. In fact, the first time they’ve seen the light of day was when we opened the boxes here at our shop. These factory direct condition sinks have been sitting in a warehouse for over 30 years untouched. It is our pleasure to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to own one of these great treasures. We must have really lucked out, because they are not “average” sinks, rather they are manufactured by Crane Plumbing of Chicago. Crane was started in the early part of the 20th century by entrepreneur and statesman Charles Crane. Charles was actually the ambassador to China at one point and was said to have refined his skills of making Vitreous China directly overseas. The company was founded to offer only the highest quality porcelain and cast iron plumbing fixtures available

Cut and paste this link into your browser to see the complete selection; I didn’t research the price, will someone add a comment if you really look into it? Thanks! url:


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  1. says

    I’ve been hauling two matching seafoam and sky blue crane Toilet/Sink sets around the country for nearly 10 years, just waiting for the perfect place to install them. Seeing this photo makes me so happy. Thank heaven those porcelain treasure aren’t in a landfill somewhere.

  2. Kitschy Kimberly says

    I agree, Daniel. It’s good to know that these might end up being treasured by a retro renovator somewhere. I’m a fan of the seafoam and sky blue as well.

  3. Deniece says

    I have a Crane Yorkshire wall mounted bathroom sink which I love. Problem, I am looking for the chrome towel rack attachments for the sink. Can you help me?

  4. Kathy FlorCruz says

    Man o man…WHAT a find!! I am going to check out the prices for these gems, even though I’m in rental. Lot’s of rentals need a LOT of work so I just convince landlords to play up the vintage look of these older places. And I pity the fool who does NOT take that advise! I bought a vintage washer/dryer set at Habitat too, even before I have the room built to put them in. But I can’t pass up a diamond in the rough & this place is turning up plenty!
    Happy Hunting!!

  5. says

    Just came across this page while searching for photos of retro bathrooms. My bathroom has that seafoam green trim with black wall tile, and my tub is still that color. Now I’m rethinking changing out the 1980’s white vanity and sink for one of these babies!

    • Bob M says

      I have a complete 1962 bathroom set in pink featuring cast iron tub (left hand drain), American Standard Cadet toliet (yes with the original pink top), and a round pink sink in a marble like formica top set on a French Provincal vanity. Eamil me if you have any interest. The price is right, I would just like to find them a good home.


  6. Clifford Denny says

    I have a 1937 Crane integral spout sink. I am looking for valves for it. The one’s on it are too limed up and seized to repair.

  7. LKF says

    Please Help !!

    Need to replace cracked Tank to Circa 1950’s Crane Drexel [Canary Yellow (?)] Toilet.

    Have searched extensively, and no luck ! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Nick Pietrzak says

    I have a house with 4 Crane Drexel Integral sinks. I want to thank Pam Kueber for that link.

    My plumber had told me to buy new sinks.

  9. says

    I have what I believe to be a Crane Persian Red toilet. I’m trying to find a replacement toilet seat, not the top part, just the “middle” seat part. It’s plastic, not ceramic, and the color has been worn off, scratched, etc. If I can’t find one I’m going to have to replace the entire toilet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  10. loretta hislop says

    desperately seeking foam green toilet-cannot rip out entire bathroom,….will pay shipping from anywhere…if perfect…

  11. Eric says

    Hi. I am having a tough time finding a 19″ round drop in sink bowl in bright yellow — early 60s bathroom and one of the two bowls rusted out. If I can find two I will replace both. My parents bathroom and they want the same color (they are in their late 80s!).

    I have looked at some of the links in your site (thanks!) but am coming up short including King of Thrones (their ebay link is closed) (they just have green). Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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