Retro kitchen sink with light attached – today’s ebay pick

I saw a sink like this once in a magazine – but this is the first time I’ve seen one live. Yes, that is a LIGHT connected to and running horizontally along the sink! The seller says that it works perfectly. How cool. I presume the covering over the light itself is impervious to water.


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  1. JP says

    I love it! This was exactly our sink until the faucet broke. I miss it. Any idea where I can acquire this sink again?

  2. Heidi Swank says

    What a fabulous sink! I combed ebay but can’t find it, not even in the completed auctions. Please post the Item number or a link.


  3. judy says

    Hi. Anyone know the best place to advertise my 1950’s stainless steel sink and 1950’s yellow countertop? Thanks. Judy

  4. Rob says

    Hi Pam, Great site! I have a similar sink and it still works. My sink has 3 basins, 2 large on the outside with one smaller/shorter in the middle. The faucet handles are also in the middle.

    I was wondering if you knew anyone who may be interested in it or have an idea of the value of the sink. I can send a pic if you wish. We live just outside Milwaukee and are remodeling our kitchen this week.

    Thanks!! Rob

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