Sears Country Kitchen stove – today’s ebay pick

This Sears Country Kitchen series stove, circa 1970, would be great for anyone with a retro colonial kitchen. When I originally featured this story in 2008, this stove was for sale on ebay. The listing is long since gone. My friend Ron at Berkshire County Used Furniture in Pittsfield, Mass., also had one — it had a top piece, too — very cool. I also believe it is long since gone. Over time since I’ve first featured this story, the story has received lots of hits … if you have one to sell, please post it on our buy/sell Forum here. Alsoo see my mega story: 26 places to buy a vintage stove. 


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  1. paula baker says

    We happen to own a stove exactly like this only ours has the top portion with the warming oven, fan, light etc. We purchased it used in 1975, it was 5 years old. We have used it for 35 years and LOVE it. It goes perfectly in our log cabin home.
    Problem….I accidentally turned on the oven instead of a burner and caught fire a plastic box which was in the oven. Needless to say, the oven was ruined. We are now hoping to replace the oven wiring but don’t have the manual. If that is not doable we would need to replace the whole stove. Depending on what price range this starts out at, this would be a possibility.

    Whethe we or anyone else gets this stove, it is a GEM. We have raised our family and made thousands of meals on this stove and truly love it! PS Any idea where to find a copy of the manual??

  2. paula baker says

    I posted the comment above, but have an update. We have found an electrician who can replace all the drip pans and elements, new switches, but cannot find the THERMOSTAT for the oven. We cannot find a replacement thermostat for this stove. Model and Serial Number is:


    Does anyone know where we could find this part? Thank you in advance for your help.

    PS Our model is not just the range, it also has the top warming oven, etc.

  3. paula baker says

    Update…..Posted previous question. No one ever responded. After 2 years of searching for a replacement thermostat, we finally gave up and bought a new stove. I cry everytime I look at our beautfiul old stove, which is now ‘retired ‘ and living out her days as a place to house our pots and pans, and holds our decorative enamelware. on top of the range. The new stove is functional but doesn’t hold a candle to our old stove in terms of beauty and character. I am grateful for the 35 years of service she gave and have assured her that she will always grace our home.

  4. Jennifer billedeaux says

    I have the electric version of this stove. It belonged to my grandmother. I inherited it & thought it would be part of my remodel…it hasn’t cooked a meal since I unplugged it an brought it to my house. I’m thinking of selling it…anyone interested? I’m I’n Louisiana.

  5. evonne says

    I have this exact stove. I bought it out of someones old barn for $200 and had it completely rewired for $90. I love it so much but am having some trouble getting it to look new again. All the chrome looking parts are rusty and I can’t get them to look any better. Any suggestions?

  6. peggy says

    i also have the electric country cookstove that i paid $70.00 for 6 months ago. i do not have the top part of it if anyone has the bread warmer that they would want to get rid of sent me a message. please.

    • pam kueber says

      peggy, please call ron or becky at berkshire county used furniture in pittsfield, mass. they may have one. good luck

  7. Peggy graham says

    If any one has one of these stoves and the oven does not work , then please check the clock on it before taking it to a repair shop. My oven was working then just stopped , I never realized that the clock ( which mine doesn’t work ) could keep the oven from working if the knobs were turned . The knobs for the clock has to be set in a specific way to allow the oven to work.even if the clock and timers do not work !!!! I fiqured this out the hard way ! Thanks and good luck with these stoves

  8. Jim Lowen says

    I found it interesting reading about the ‘Country kitchen’ ranges.
    We bought the electric version out of a used appliance add in the paper in the mid 80’s to use in our ‘new’ Victorian house that we built at that time. It came without the additional upper warming unit and was rewired when we bought it and is still working great! Although the oven door hinges are a little weak

  9. Melissa Oshel says

    Just bought a Country Kitchen electric stove. It needs hinges for the oven door, a seal for the oven door & burners. Can anyone tell me where to find these?

  10. Jim Lowen says

    One other interesting thing about the Sears Country Kitchen electric stove we bought is that it came with the original ‘owner’s guide’ instruction book….very cool, lots of pictures