Urgent dumpster alert – Nashville! TODAY!

Ashley in Nashville sent me an email last night about her Kelvinator fridge, stove and hood up for grabs. They work and are in “amazingly good condition,” she says, they just don’t fit the design of her kitchen anymore (in a 1911 house). I responded and heard from her this morning:

Hey Pam,
I didn’t get your message until late last night, and then I had server problems and my e-mail response to you (below) just wouldn’t go!
Anyway, if you think you may find someone today, that would be great, as I’ve got some folks coming to get it this afternoon, just to haul it away.
Thanks so much!

Eeks oh gads these can’t go to the dump my heart is breaking, these are fabulous. Anyone out there who wants to snap these up better CALL ASHLEY NOW!

Update 3 p.m. : It seems that Ashley has saved these from the trash guys and now has them in her garage. Call if you’re interested. She seems unclear on the price – make her an offer!

Update April 21 – See Ashley’s comment below – buyer found. And a nice retro reno story to go with it! Thanks, Doug!


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  1. says


    Thank you SO MUCH for posting my Kelvinators! I had many responses from some very kind people.

    You’ll be happy to know they are in very good hands now. Doug F., from Atlanta, drove to Nashville to pick them up. (He is building a ’50s kitchen for his nephew, and said they’d be “perfect!”)

    I also want to tell you how incredibly blessed I am that these went to this particular person: Doug was going to pay me a very fair price for them, but after I gave it some thought, I made him a proposal: if he’d help me install my new appliances, he could have them for free. So, that’s what he did! (He even went to Home Depot with me – along with my infant daughter, my dog and his dog — to buy my new sink, as my sink went with him, too, along with matching coffee tins and other fun stuff.) Having never done this before, I was thinking installation (sink, hood, cutting space for fridge) would take an hour or two, tops. Well, Doug arrived at noon, and left at 9:15 p.m.! And he never even stopped to eat!! (He ended up cutting four layers of my floor out, so my new fridge would fit properly — and we happily discovered a gorgeous pine floor under there, which remained unscathed! Yeehaah!)

    Anyway, I definitely feel that finding your site was a very fateful thing (with help from Google! Ha!), because I never dreamed all this would take place when you posted my e-mail to you! I very much appreciate your posting it, and will continue to tell people about your great site!

    Thanks again, Pam!

    Have a super week!


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