Affordable pinch-pleat drapery sources from California Kathy

I feel as strongly about pinch-pleat draperies as I do about wallpaper — you need these in your mid-century house, trust me. But, custom-made pinch-pleats can be wicked expensive. To the rescue: California Kathy with some great sounding recommendations.

Hi Pam,

I love checking in every day or so to see what great things you have to show us! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this.

I saw you lust for pinch pleat sheers and this seller on eBay often has them. Here’s the link for what he has today. In case it doesn’t work, his online ID is hotelliquidator-67.

Also, I recently bought some ivory pinch pleat drapes from They have a “Hot Deals” page that has really good pricing. I love the ones I bought – seem to be very well made.

I took Kathy’s advice and checked the site out. I especially like some of the sheers – and what looks to be a wonderful ivory “Vegas Cream” opaque (above). I emailed Kathy — also asking for her retro renovation story — and she added:

Glad you like the sheers. If these particular ones don’t work for you I’d e-mail the guy as he has them often in several different sizes. The pinch pleats I got … are lined and are hand made. They came with the drapery hooks on them and on a hanger. I’m very happy with them. Especially since I found some I liked on their Hot Deal page and spent $100 for two windows! (The living room front window is a 5′ x 5′ picture window.)

I’m from northern California and live in a 1948 ranch. My favorites are the coved ceilings in the living room and a built in china cabinet in the kitchen. The kitchen also has scallop crown molding.
I’m not doing too much in the way of re-hab per se. I did just have a new formica counter put in the kitchen and I’m going to be installing a white subway tile backsplash soon. I’m going to add some 1″ glass tiles randomly as accents. The glass tilies are yellow, blue and red. Here’s the formica we used:
Click here to view larger image
Thanks again for your blog! Kathy
Kathy – thank you!


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  1. Amy says

    Hi Kathy,
    I’ve been at a loss for what to do for a backsplash now that we’ve installed our new formica countertops and just received the stainless steel edging from dave sanders (Thanks Pam!!). I wouldn’t suppose you have any pictures that gave you the idea for the subway tile and glass tile design? We’ve been thinking of quilted stainless – diner style, but we’re not yet sold on the idea. I think we’re having trouble visualizing.

    We used the 6940 SKYLARK BOOMERANG formica and will be putting in Congoleum VCT flooring. The CX-91 White/ Deep Blue is what we went with

    We’d love to find some period appropriate cabinets for the side of the kitchen that was apparently remodeled at some point in the 80’s. But, finding wood cabinets is proving to be rather difficult.

    And, we love the 1953 Western Holly we picked up from a couple selling the one that was original to their house because they were remodeling for the modern.

    Anyway, I would love some advice or if you could direct me to some websites that helped you make your decisions that would be terrific!


  2. California Kathy says

    Hi Amy,

    I think I just dreamed up the idea but I did find some photos online that were similar to what I was thinking. I’ll have to find them and post ’em later for you.

    And if I actually finish it soon I ‘ll post the finished product!


  3. Kathy says

    Hi Amy,

    I came across some pics I got from someone I found online This isn’t exactly what I’m thinking of but it does give you an idea of 1″ mosaic with subways.

    I’m pretty sure I have some different pics closer to what I’m thinking of doing. ‘ll post again when I find them.

    Hi Kathy,

    Here are some pictures of my backsplash. The thing that looks black is
    actually red glass strips that I cut from stained glass.

    Hope that helps! I have more pictures but have to dig them up if you
    need them.


  4. Amy says

    Thanks Kathy,
    I appreciate your help! Pam also thought that we could use tile in our kitchen – she may post some photos. You just want to be sure when embarking on such a big project…
    Thanks again,

  5. Jason says

    Hello All,

    I am new to this site as I have been researching the Mid Century Modern style for a new home that I will be moving into. Avtually, it’s my Mother’s home in Tampa, Fl. She recently passed away and I will be living in it. It is not a retro home….it was built in 1985 and is in marvelous condition. However, as much as I hate to take down Mom’s decorating, Our tastes are different. I love anitiques and I though I would extend that to this home…which I will also be parking my 1960 Chevrolet Impala in. The living room is large and have been researching the styles. Original can be expensive and may require reupholstery..besides, you never know what’s been on them. So, I have decided to buy a new made reproduction sofa similar to Mid Cent Modern styling. I can look for original tables, lamps, etc as I go along. Will also need new drapes. Is there an approach I should take to decorating a retro “Bachelor Pad”? I have a vintage dining room set from a great aunt (1940’s vintage) along with china, silver and stem ware. WIll use one of the small bedrooms as an office which I will ude Mad Men as a reference. I want to go with a solid color on the sofa..something like a darker blue, granite, grey or similar. Mom had recently put down new light color (ivory) Berber carpet. I would appreciate and ideas for drapes…soilds, prints, stripes, etc that would accentuate my “Bachelor Pad”. I also have some really cool 1950’s album covers from my favorite artists that I will frame and hang. Any ideas where I can get frames that size? Thanks for all your help and ready all of this. I enjoy this sort of thing and can spend all weekend raoming antique stores.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jason. I can do a longer post – how fun to help with a bachelor pad! – but meanwhile, lots of readers really like this Macy’s Corona sofa and it’s about as affordable as you can get, new:

      We have framed album covers in our house, too – they are a lot of fun. I am going to have to ask my husband if he remembers where we got them… I think they are available from a number of places, though, and this might be the kind of thing where, if the quality is basically “okay” you want to shop for price. We grouped ours – two rows of three – and they look great.

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