RetroRenovation fools Apartment Therapy readers

So, the night before the hack-attack, a room that I submitted to Apartment Therapy’s Guess the Decade feature ran. And — how fun — it was the first one in a long time to fool participants. Here were the guesses:

And the answer: 1952. Writer Janel also featured some of my comments on the interior, which the architect designed as a “hearth room.” Here’s what she posted:

Pam followed up with some more info on the room and the book that it appeared in: The room was from a home in Johnson City, Tennesee, designed by architect Alfred Abernethy for his family. It appeared in “Living for Young Homemakers” with the tagline, Live High On a Low Budget.

In the postwar period, a proud America was defining its own sense of taste and style for the first time. While this home is very modern, it’s also interesting to see the colonial touches – the other trend, reaching back to our pioneer heritage, that was very much a part of our newfound design identity. Another big trend during the period was “bringing the outdoors in,” which you clearly see in the Hearth Room.

Also of interest is the color palette. While we tend to think of pastels when it comes to the 50s, “reassuring autumnals” also were very popular. These were taken specifically from brilliant New England fall colors. This interest in autumnals also came out of the ‘outdoors in’ trend – and even out of the desire to “instill a sense of warmth and security” during the Cold War.

To see Janel’s post click here.


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