New old stock Republic and GE steel kitchen cabinet pieces – today’s ebay pick

Well, these are smoking hot. A few months ago I spoke to a guy in Texas who had a whole barnfull of new-old-stock steel cabinet pieces for sale. The pieces have finally made their way to ebay. There look to be both Republic and GE pieces — great “cabinettes” – in a variety of pastels. A hodge podge, I was told originally. I’ve asked for more information — for example, the inventory list — so I can get the info to Retro Renovation readers first.


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  1. says

    Pam, did you happen to follow the link in the eBay listing to find the complete Republic Steel Catalog from “Pete” Owens Custom Cabinets of Dallas, Texas? (dial “Florida 2- 3004” … I love tjhose old phone numbers!) It’s in Adobe pdf and can be downloaded to your computer.

  2. Tikimama says

    On the GE Cabinette listing, there is another PDF for those accessory parts. Cool! All saved to my computer. I never knew I wanted steel cabinets for my kitchen before I found this blog! Now Im dying to know what other pieces he has for sale. Thanks, Stephan, for mentioning his rating. I hadnt even looked. And sorry for the bad punctuation – Ive evidently done something that makes my apostrophe key take me to “quick search”. Lisa

  3. irishwoman says

    well, just stumbled onto this site while searching for info on my kitchen sink cabinet. I live in a 1921 vintage bungalow in Dallas and the kitchen sink cab is very very early; it is metal base with 2 drawers and one door on each side of the center; has a HUGE enamel sink with drainers on both sides. Has a Sears and Roebuck sticker underneath with nothing but the model number, part of which is unreadable. Would appreciate any help in identifying its age..

  4. says

    When this stuff was originally on craigslist, I talked to the seller. There are 50 or more pieces – a hodge podge in all colors, it sounds like. (I asked numerous times for an inventory both then and now in order to help find buyers – but never got one.) I think the price is fair – but the issue is going to be matching these cabinets and colors up with owners of the same. There are enough differences among manufacturers styles and even model years to make it unwieldy to put say, a 1963 aqua GE into a 1963 aqua Geneva kitchen. And “fitted” is the name of the game.

  5. Dale Gauthier says

    I am looking for anyone who might be interested in an 8′ x 12′ Republic Steel kitchen, circa 1970, woodgrain cabinets, complete with original GE cooktop, wall oven, and exhaust fan.

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