Vintage Drexel Declaration furniture – Catherine sends us a gorgeous brochure

Following the “original” Drexel post (where we also met Troy of Troyland), the wonderful Catherine kindly scanned some precious vintage Drexel advertising to share with other readers. She says:

Here is one of my Drexel Declaration ads that was in the drawer of the dresser that I bought from my Great Grandmother. She had marked the ones that were “mine” and even wrote the price next to our Catkin bed – $79!!! I just love the living/dining room scene!! Wish I could find that living room set. Anyway, hope you enjoy! – Catherine

Catherine, did you say “Catkin”? That bed was surely destined for you! And from your Great Grandmother, no less! Thank you so much, this Drexel furniture is AWESOME! More posts on it to come – the original post inspired some other content, including a reader purchase!

Rob’s vintage Drexel Declaration bedroom set:

drexel-declaration-bedroom drexel-declaration-bedroom-set drexel-declaration-dresser drexel-declaration-dresser-2

Above: Added March 2014 — Reader Rob sent us these four photos of his vintage Drexel Declaration bedroom set. Thanks, Rob! He wrote:

Hello Pam,
Thanks so much for writing back! I love your site, especially the Time Capsule house articles. I am attaching the photos of the Drexel set here- I got a 5-pc bedroom set for a song, worst part was driving to Queens to pick up and then hauling them up to my fourth floor walk-up. I found them through Apartment Therapy Classifieds (run by Krrb), more proof that affordable doesn’t have to mean Ikea!
Best regards,


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  1. Joni says

    I saw a Drexel dresser in a second hand shop which I’m interested in buying. I did some research and think it was from a series called Paragon. I’d appreciate it if anyone could share more about this style which looks like Danish modern.

  2. David Miranda says

    These are my parents’ living room, bedroom and dining room pieces! Wow! The style in the dining room chairs doesn’t come across in the pictures.

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