Tips for decorating your mid century guest room

Amy of I Luv Retro Things sends this fun little chart (below) from one of her Australian design magazines. It focuses on tips for decorating a guest room. I love, how in the postwar period, everyone was very serious about learning their color combination theories and using charts like these to decorate scientifically. Very much in the spirit of the era, when people had great faith in science and progress to show us the way.

The 1949 Simmons Beautyrest bedroom above: Formal, I’d say. What a nice color combo. But, don’t have thinks perched above the headboard like that. Bad feng shui, you will not sleep restfully.


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  1. iluvretro says

    Hey Pam, glad you could use the article. hmm I think it’s bad to position the shelf above the bed too, maybe that picture might fall off and hit the lady on the head…

  2. Sumac Sue says

    Remember how TV couples like Lucy and Desi slept in twin beds? When I was a kid in the 60s, I slept in a twin bed, so, I thought they were just for kids. But, I did have one friend whose parents slept in twin beds. Did a lot of husbands and wives sleep in twin beds back in those days? And did they wear as much clothing as these two have on?

  3. Ronn says

    Ronn at FUTURES Antiques here. In my last home I had an official guest room. Design guided my decor, but the old truism about guests guided my decisions: “After 3 days, fish and guests begin to stink”.

    I designed the room with maximum color, texture, shape, and spatial clutter. It looked like Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but in real 1950’s decor that looked like it had been taking too many steroids. It was raging fun.

    And, you’ve ever had “raging fun”, you know you can only handle it for a short amount of time.

    Nice place to visit. Don’t want to stay there.

    Everyone was happy.

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