Retro kitchen: An off-the-floor dishwasher for Sleeping Bee Alice

Zeinab found this really cool off-the-floor dishwasher about Sleeping Bee Alice’s retro dream. From looking at the Fagor website, I think the d/w also can be installed as part of this neat $1,199 cooking center.

And there’s a cool cooktop center, too. Not sure whether it really fits my retro rubric, but I like the concept.

Zeinab writes:

Dear Pam,

First of all let me thank you on your wonderful blog. Second ,I saw your post from couple of weeks about the wall-mounted dishwasher , I found this and I though that your reader can be interested. Please keep it up.


Thanks, Zeinab! This company actually has some cool stuff, including a 24″ fridge that can be turned into a nice big side by side as well.


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  1. sleepingbee says

    Oh my GOSH! Okay, now this site is starting to cost me $$! What great research…I’d be curious to know what tags you used to find this as my research had turned up empty. I am not familiar with this manufacturer…does anyone have experience with them?

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