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  1. sleepingbee says

    Hi Pam – it appears the doors on the upper cabinets are glass/transluscent – was this typical of the time?

  2. says

    Hi Alice, yes, there are plenty examples of companies that had sliding glass doors on the wall cabinets. Typically, these were fluted. Nice, don’t you think?

  3. Rachel says

    I am looking into buying a house with a kitchen like this but in ill repair. What year/decade were the sliding glass door kitchen cabinets popular in? I want to renovate the kitchen and reuse the cabinets as they are in perfect condition. Thanks in advance!

  4. Kate says

    We just bought a foreclose home, with the same Morton Style metal vintage cabinets (full set)….and was wondering how much your set sold for?

    I appreciate any information you can provide. It’s seem rather difficult to find any solid information on these old, cool vintage cabinets.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Steve says

    I have a few spare drawers if anyone’s interested. The homes in my old neighborhood had Morton cabinets so if I ever saw them- or any components – go to the curb I’d snag them.

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