Where to get hinges for metal kitchen cabinet doors?

Hi Pam, just had a new estimate on painting my pink kitchen cabinets and the guy is concerned about the hinges. I guess they are worn down and there is a lot of play in some of them so they are hitting each other a bit and he’s worried about the new paint job chipping right away. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of anywhere that sells replacement hinges? By the way, the paint product he would use is Two Component Acrylic Urethane. And I bid on that pink GE clock you had on your website!


Answer: Sorry, Nancy, I don’t know this one. I think the hinges are called “piano hinges”. Readers – any thoughts?



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  1. marcia says

    I’m looking for hinges, my metal cabinets look just like the ones in the photos. I had my cabinets painted but years later the hinge broke and I have not been able to locate a replacement.

    • pam kueber says

      marcia, we have a post on this – but the news isn’t good. check the Steel Kitchen Cabinets category… or use Search

  2. Dan says

    Mine also…My pocket spring hinge just broke on my old 1950’s metal kitchen cabinet…can’t find one anywhere. Did you have any luck finding yours?

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