Retro kitchen cabinet pulls with 2-3/4″ or 3″ spread, from Crown City Hardware

I have 100+ draft posts in the wings – and this is one of them. New reader Anita says that she’s been looking through the site for retro cabinet pulls – so I thought that I’d better get this one up. It’s a beautiful – admittedly expensive @ $23.90 — atomic pull from Crown City Hardware.

Importantly – this one comes in two sizes, including with a 2-3/4″ spread. I recall a reader looking hard for this feature – I believe that 50s metal kitchen cabinets had this spread.

If you are looking for cabinet hardware – check out my Category of the same name. And Anita – let us know what you decide!


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  1. anita says

    Well the search continues. Since I have about 75 handles to buy I’m trying to keep the cost of each handle quite low. After hours of internet searching I’ve come up with a few to test out, will keep you all posted on the best finds for the best deals. These posted by Pam however….. gorgeous! Wish I could pay $23 each (x 75 = hmmmmm) or … wich I didn’t have so darned many cabinets!

  2. Elizabeth Mary says

    Hi Anita and Pam,
    Have you checked the hardware at This company has amazing period lighting fixtures, but also a good selection of cabinet hardware. Most of the pulls are 3″ but they have one that is 3/5″, the size I would need if I were to replace mine. I don’t remember if there are any at the smaller size. All hardware is available in a number of different finishes, and I think there are knobs to go with all the pulls, which can help keep costs down if they would work for you.

    Good luck finding something you can use and afford — I only have 33 and it is enough to keep me using the ones that were put in when the kitchen was built in 1946.

  3. Maria says

    I have been on the Internet for DAYS and tonight hours in quest of 12 of the ‘Almost Extinct’, Inexpensive 2 3/4″ pull for my old but in good condition 1950s metal kitchen cabinets. I’m’s like hunting a dinosaur-there are only four with that inch specs. The larger stores, HomeDepot/Lowes, have varierty but no size while the internet have VERY few (I found four that appeared nice from $2-3…makes me wonder about the quality and durability). Can anyone help me??

  4. Josephine says

    I have 18, possibly 20 of these vintage pulls at 2 3/4 on center that I am looking to replace. It is impossible to find anything local that has that spread. Any suggestions on a someone who sells that spread and its modern looking?

    We took one of the lower cabinets/drawer out for a dishwasher and I know the pulls are still around here somewhere.
    I will sell cheap once I get my hands on the new ones.

  5. says

    Hi All,
    I thought i would share a source for reasonably priced quality vintage style cabinet pulls that Ii have not seen mentioned on RR. A vintage furniture dealer referred me to them. It is Lee Valley Tools. They have locations in Canada, not sure about the US. They could probably ship to the USA. They have a HUGE catalog of all kinds of cool DIY stuff. I am considering buying their curved Chrome Bow cabinet pulls as a lower priced alternative to the very expensive
    ($25 each) vintage chrome boomerang Youngstown pulls currently selling on eBay. They don’t look exactly like the boomerangs but they have a similar curve. Lots of choices here, including the classic chrome arch. And no, they’re not paying me!

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