A slide show of Maryanne’s garden

Webguru Kit gave me this little toy now that I’m taking lots of photos. A slide show that I can link to my flickr account. This is Maryanne’s garden in Pittsfield, Mass. — a true oasis that she created in her little 50s neighborhood. Um, it only took her 13 years, she said.


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  1. Sumac Sue says

    My gosh, is this all really just one yard? Amazing. Very nice use of various shades of greens and different textures, rather than relying on flowers to do all the work. The house color and trim make a really nice backdrop for the plantings.

  2. Kitschy Kimberly says

    Wow! That yard is gorgeous. I love the variety of height and various shades of green with punches of color here and there.

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