Concrete block – a favorite retro material, of course

Uncle Jack of Very Vintage Vegas has a wonderful website that chronicles mid century modern Las Vegas.

Extremely fun even though I’m totally scared by this city due to my fixation with CSI original Las Vegas version, the only other show I watch in addition to the Colbert Report.

Uncle Jack recently did what must be the definitive series on concrete block decor – including suppliers – so I am not even going to try to replicate it. He’s given us the link to the whole series – click through here to take a look!

All of these shots also are from Uncle Jack’s. He is as obsessed with all the little details of the era as much as we are. A true kindred soul. Thank you, Jack!

On the topic of concrete block — Scathing Jane also has done a ton of research and sent me lots of info – I’ll feature it soon!


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  1. SurfaceToAirMedia says

    Yes! YES YES YES! We have decorative block outside:

    <img src=””

    and inside, too!

    There’s several different styles throughout the neighborhood, and while our pattern isn’t my absolute fave I ADORE having the room divider inside. I have wanted to find more of the bricks for use in the backyard, for landscaping or even deck-building purposes. This is fantastic!

  2. Barry Barry says

    Thanks for this post. I’m in Northern Virginia near Washington DC and I’m getting ready to build a courtyard patio. Would really like to find screen block like this, I’m just amazed that it does not seem to be available anywhere close to me.

  3. Dalinda says

    I’ve been looking for decorative blocks in port richey Florida to inclose my front porch but there is none. Please help me.

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