Sears’ Harmony House 1940-1968

Metanoia suggested this feature on Sears’ Harmony House brand several months ago. Oopsy, my email accounts are out of control so I just surfaced it. It’s wonderful! Metanoia, I haven’t heard from you for a while. How are you? Thank you!

The info below is straight from the Sears brand history website, it’s actually quite cool! There are a few more photos on their site – I chose the one above because I have certainly seen a lot of these ‘enameled wall coverings, in my estate sale travels – now I know one of the places they came from. I’ve also seen them in the Armstrong catalog.

I grew up reading these Sears catalogs – so man, this is a flashback for me.

From the Sears brand history site:

In 1940, Sears introduced the Harmony House brand as an interior-decorating scheme that used four basic colors that could be coordinated with each other. (The year before, Sears catalogs featured “Charm House,” a similar program.) Customers were encouraged to use a color wheel that was supplied in the catalog for coordinating colors.

Harmonizing colors had long been a problem for the company. For example, rose-colored draperies made by one source might clash with a rose rug produced by another manufacturer. Each factory used its own colors, and the clashes that resulted were impeding the company’s sales of home furnishings.

In response to customer demand, Sears eventually expanded Harmony House’s palette to include 18 colors that they considered to be the most attractive to customers. Each color came in light, medium, and dark shades.

Harmony House colors were: Tuscan Rose and Wine, Valley Rose, Federal Gold, Cherry Pink and Red, Jubilee Peach, Spice Beige and Brown, Colonial Blue, Sage Green, Aquamarine, Chartreuse, Dawn Gray, Mint Green, Pacific Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Parchment Ivory, Beige, and Brown, Victorian Pink, Rose, Red and Wine, and Malibu Peach, Coral and Rust.

The Harmony House style and color system was not merely limited to carpets and paints, either; the entire house could be furnished according to the colors. Almost any household item could be bought to fit the Harmony House schemes, including: covered upholstery fabrics, draperies, slipcovers, desks, bookcases, bedroom furniture, sheets, towels, table lamps, wall paints, clothes hampers, canister sets, boudoir lamps, shower curtains, garment bags, chenille spreads, dinnerware, wallpaper, lounge chairs, dinette sets, living room sets, mirrors, carpeting, tile, and appliances.

See my earlier post with a complete brochure on Harmony House colors.


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  1. metanoia says

    I am still out here in the little Ozarks Cabin.

    My favorite thing on that Sears Harmony House page is the AWEsome retro aqua, pink and black bedroom pattern in Dacron and Chromefast ™ Acetate.

    My landlord passed away unexpectedly, so I have not done any more reno work in the kitchen on the pink cabinets since they put the farm up for sale and I will have to move. I did manage to cut plywood for each cabinet and I got material to cover it that is in an aqua, pink, white and black pattern and I found someone giving away tempered glass to cover it with – all to serve as the countertop. I made matching curtains and when I feel like a change, all I have to do is lift the glass and change the material – so easy! I just have not gotten to set it all up proper in the kitchen like I wanted to. For now I am just playing the waiting game.

  2. DeAndrea Foisy says

    Recently I had a house fire and I am preparing paperwork for my insurance company My bedroom set used to be my grandmothers and it was made by Harmony House I had a bookcase headboard, a dresser 9 drawer, a chest, a nightstand and large mirror on the dresser it was in great shape and solid wood can you give me any history on this as I have full replacement value and need to purchase a new set. Thanks

  3. Sylvia Peterson says

    I need any info regarding a Harmony House bedroom set my grandmother left me. It is a dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand in solid wood, brownish red in dolor and has the “Harmony House” stamp branded inside the pieces.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Christian says

    I am trying to find a cover for a recessed square light that i have in my house. its an 8 inch square cover with 4 holes in it to accept acorn nuts that hold the cover onto the recessed lighting fixture. i can not find any website besides this that has to deal with the manufacturer being Harmony House. ive gone to every hardware store, electrical supply store that i can think of. nobody has a replacement. all i see is these damn circle recessed lighting parts. Any idea on where i might be able to get it?

  5. nfan3wife says

    I just found a Harmony House dresser on craigslist for $25! The model/serial # on the back is 60294, how can I find out what year it was made? I am looking forward to refinishing this piece, as it will go well in my bedroom already full of vintage furniture, but would really love to know the year of production (or thereabouts).. I also have a record player with speakers and radio built in to a long bench-looking cabinet, it came with the original users guide, but no year to be found…could you possibly help me with that also? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. heidi trieu says

    I just bought a mid century modern desk made by Harmony House this year for $75. It is beautiful and still in great shape. I came across this article when I was looking up the company name. Glad (and not surprised) you provided information on this. Love this website!

  7. Crystal says

    Hi, I just purchased a chest made from harmony house. Code on back is 62014. Any chance I could find out what year it was made? I’m also looking for replacement hardware for it. I bought it missing a few. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Maria says

      HI Crystal.

      I am purchasing a chest and dresser. I too would like to replace the handles. Any luck in finding handles.

    • Shannon says

      I too am looking for two replacement handles for a Harmony House dresser that was my mom’s. Did you place that sells hardware for Harmony House furniture?

  8. donna says

    Could you please let me know if I’m paying too much for a Harmony House Cedar Chest that has been painted but the inside is real cedar.
    They are asking $150.00 purchased in mid 50’s.

    Thanks u & Look forward to hearing from you

  9. Lori says

    Hello! I am trying to understand a value of a light that my parent’s hope to sell. It is a Harmony House triple pendant light fixture with these numbers listed on it : E-11477 and C-77843. Do you have any suggestions to understand it’s value? Thank you much!

    • Kate says

      Lori, we don’t do valuations here. Try searching online on Ebay or Etsy to find similar lamps and compare their asking prices to get a better idea of what your lamp might be worth. Good luck!

  10. chris says

    Can you tell me? I inherited a Sears Harmony House carpet – about 11ft 8 in x 13 ft from my Grandmother. It is the Vintage Rose pattern – I have seen on an Etsy site they say the same pattern is in WOOL but I thought I read somewhere that these rugs were made of Nylon. I need to know so I know how to clean it.
    I would like it done before Christmas so as to put it on the floor – any help for me?

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know the answer to this question, Chris. I suggest asking a professional rug cleaner to take a look at it.

  11. Colleen says

    I have a beautiful dresser from harmony house, around 1955, we have just refinished it but we need drawer pulls…any suggestions?

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