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  1. Michelle says

    I have the metal cabinets that were orginally Aqua and had been repainted…I would like to “bring them back” to the orginial Aqua. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what paint color would do the trick?
    Thank you. Michelle

  2. Kayla says

    are the aqua steel cabinets now gone? My husband & I are restoring a 1948 Francis Heusel ranch home and the kitchen is a horror, muddled to death with granite counters & french country cherry cabinets. I have some of the original maple cabinets left (in the garage and tool room) but not enough to bring it back. Any ideas?

  3. Lynn Taylor says

    I have a GE turquoise kitchen that I am replacing and would love to find a home for it. The problem I have is that we are in Alaska. Any ideas on finding a way to market them?

  4. Cindy says

    My husband and I are restoring an old cottage in the UP and are seeking vintage metal cabinets. Are they still for sale?

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