Where to get replacement parts like rollers and hinges for metal kitchen cabinets?

Hey Pam,

I am building a new house and I am doing a 50’s theme kitchen. I have a 60″ Beauty Queen sink base cabinet that needs to be restored. I am trying to find some replacement plastic rollers for the drawers and some new hinge springs as well as the rubber bump stops for the doors. Thanks, John

Hey John, thanks for the question. Sorry, but am not a hardware person – and man, do I get a lot of questions just like this one. Fortunately, among Retro Renovation Readers we have many bright lights, so Readers: Any idea where John can look for itsy bitsy replacement parts?


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  1. Joe Simmons says


    Did you ever find replacement rollors for your 50’s metal cabinet. I have a similar cabinet problem in a 50’s kitchen

  2. NitaD says

    If anybody has found a solution to this problem, I’d love to hear it! I have a wall full of stainless Sears & Roebuck cabinets and drawers and the rollers for the drawers aren’t in the best shape… Neither are some of the hinges on the cabinets…

  3. Ron S says

    I am also looking for the nylon rollers using a reoprene “o” ring for Beauty Queen kitchen cabinets. Any ideas who may supply?

  4. ann woodward says

    My sink cabinet (retrieved from an out building on the property) has been sand blasted and powdercoated a bright white. Some of the plastic donut shaped drawer guides are missing. I also lost a couple of handles from drawers/doors.
    My favorite place for hard to find things, RocklerWoodworking could not help me. Now, I am stymied.
    I have one more “issue”……if the sink sits directly on the cabinet base, the drawers will not open. Some pictures I have seen show a narrow enamel spacer. Anyone know anything about that?
    I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. Thanks, Ann

  5. kim anderson says

    I’m looking for the plastic clasps that are in the cabinet where the plastic “ball” on the door clicks into to shut the cabinet door of my metal cabinets? anyone?

  6. Suz Bap says

    I am planning on getting my St Charles cabinets powder coated; unfortunately that means new rollers on the draw slides. I’m getting desperate! I’ve tried swisco and now talking to a machinist about fabricating them (ouch). Leads appreciated.

  7. Lori R says

    I love all the history and information, and know this is not a DIY site… but it seems repair is the biggest problem. We are desperately trying to repair 1953 Crane metal kitchen cabinet drawers. We are trying Swisco… but have lost two bolt holes due to wear. If we cannot find the wheels, we are looking at cutting part of the track, and attaching / riveting on new ball bearing drawer slides. I love the cabinets!!! and want to strip the paint and have them powder coated, but first I need the drawers to work. Any help /suggestions is welcome.

  8. christina says

    I just took down my 1950’s metal cabinets (Youngstown) and had them sandblasted and powder coated. They look great for 60 yr old cabinets. The problem is that I am re-installing them and have broken, missing hardware. I need hinges, etc. Anyone find a solution?

  9. Lori Roper says

    Since my last post, we have bought 2 more sets of metal cabinets and have been trolling EBay & Craigslist.. I have asked our Memphis Heritage to please call me (the crazy metal cabinet women) if they find/get any so I can salvage Handles, Hinges, Door Clips, etc… All my friends know I am looking for (and will share) parts when I am all done… I have also been trying to catalog which parts are shared across makers (like cars, it looks like they changed across the years and are more similar than within brands, and the old brochures revel what problems they were solving by how they pitched the improvements). I would love to post what info I found and swap parts…
    We are going to order Swisco 79-018 for the rubber bummers
    And may give neighbors Swisco 75-077 Slider Slicker Track Lubricant for their metal-on-metal drawers (not tried yet, but most just need less junk in them… unlike wood drawers you can put a lot in them but they don’t work as well…)

    The plastic roller has been the real problem! As near as I can tell, they started with copper rails (better than the old wood Hoosier drawers), but most have old gooey grease that needs to be cleaned off… Then they went to a rubber roller that dried out, cracked, and the center wore large. The latter models have a plastic roller, but again center wares out but are often in better condition… I have tried contacting many roller suppliers but none have “about 1‐1/8″ OD and 1/4″ thick with only 5/16″ for total clearance” We have done temp fixes with plastic washers so we don’t lose any more rivet holes and have metal filings on our dishes… We are tiring to save them, LOVE this site, and would to love shared info!

    • Linda Taylor says

      Hi Lori!

      Did you ever find parts for your cabinets? I am trying to restore a Beauty Queen sink base and need to find handles AND the Beauty queen emblem.
      I am in Memphis also!

  10. MacKenzie says

    I am redoing my kitchen and have the Beauty Queen cabinets made by Toledo Desk and Fixture Co., from Maumee, Ohio. I have one cabinet door that has 2 broken hinges/springs. Does anyone know where I can find these replacement parts?

    Thank You,

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